Life Lessons from Dolphin Tale

dolphins tale
We recently just watched the movies “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2”. I will not tell you about the story line of both movies but will tell you what I learned. Though I can tell you that both were good family movies to watch!

1. Once in a while, it is necessary to watch inspirational movies. Life can be challenging and the news that we see daily is depressing, we need to be reminded that one person’s life can inspire others. As Sawyer, the main character, found his passion in life, he was effective in creating a positive change in his community. As he helped Winter, the dolphin, other people who were facing the same challenges in life, found inspiration, hope and courage through Winter’s life.

2. Homeschooling can give you time to pursue your passion. Hazel, the young girl who works with her dad in the Clearwater Marine Hospital is homeschooled. Eventually, Sawyer, didn’t attend summer classes in school but volunteered in the Marine Hospital and at the same time worked on his essays and other requirements. Eventually, in the second part, Sawyer was even offered scholarship by a college because they saw passion and dedication in him. It was an encouragement to our homeschooling family!

3. We must volunteer and step outside of your comfort zone. Sawyer was a shy young boy who found his place in the Marine Hopsital and his mom didn’t want him to help in the beginning but when she eventually saw how engaged Sawyer was, she accepted and allowed Sawyer to help. It is important to contribute to our community, and it reminded our family that we need to be a positive impact to our society.

4. Change is inevitable. Now matter how much you want to let things stay the same, change will happen. Sawyer was offered a scholarship and would have to leave town and the Marine Hospital, he was reluctant to leave but eventually realized that it was really the best step for him. Something unexpected is bound to happen, we need to face these changes with faith in God that His purposes would be fulfilled as we go though life with Him.


As we watched these movies, we were greatly encouraged and entertained. So if you haven’t seen these movies, go and watch with your family!