Life Lessons from Finding Nemo

Friday nights are designated movie nights at our home. The kids and I watch a new movie or an old movie together using our vlc 2.0 player. Since we all love watching movies, we all look forward to this time of bonding during weekends. One of the movies we watched recently again was Finding Nemo.

It is actually one of my favorite movies because aside from its entertainment factor, the movie does have many lessons which we can all learn from. Here are some of the lessons:
1. Don’t disobey your parents. Parent’s warnings are there to protect us and not to harm or rob us of fun.
2. As parents, we must not be over protective because this will exasperate the children.
3. Don’t give up. Be persevering and diligent in all that you do.
4. Don’t worry about the future, we have to live our life in faith.
5. When troubles come, just keep swimming! There will be challenges, but we must not give up to these challenges. Stay positive, do our best and keep on keeping on!

Interestingly, these lessons are parallel to what the Bible instructs us. I love it that the kids and I were able to discuss these life lessons through a great Disney movie like Finding Nemo.