Our Christmas Ham from Frabelle Foods

Christmas celebrations in the Philippines consists of family reunions, gifts and food! Of course when it comes to food, there will always be ham on the table. This year, I was blessed to try Premium Honey Glazed Ham from Frabelle Foods. It was my family’s first time to taste it and I can say that we loved it. The tenderness of the meat is just right and the taste makes you want to eat some more!

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What I didn’t know is that this Honey Glazed Ham is prepared the classic or traditional way. That is why the ham is tasty all the way inside.It is naturally smoked using real natural woodchips. According to Frabelle, they use pure honey that is blow-torched and the ham is made of whole-muscle meat that comes from the ham-leg which makes it tender but  doesn’t break when being cooked!


If you want to find more information about Frabelle Foods and their other products, check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/frabellefoods and their website at http://www.frabelle.com/

Comfort Food

I have a new favorite! It’s McDonalds Blueberry Sundae. It is my most recent comfort food! I am glad that McDonalds is quite near our place. Whenever I feel down or tired, I just need to take a few steps and viola, a mouth watering sundae is there! And then I can go on and do my work online. I still need to research some life insurance rate and decide whether to continue with my insurance or just withdraw it. I have been paying for 10 years now and I really hope that its dividends will be enough to pay its premiums this coming year.