Gifted Child?

My dauhter Kyla just started to go to school this school year. Early on, my hubby and I have noticed that Kyla is really a very bright girl. She was able to talk straight very early. She learned to write ABC on her own at home by age 3 and she is not like the usual kids. She is a bit reserved and can sit still even if other children are running around her. She has a very extensive memory and she has facination with books at an early age. She also has a slow to warm up personality. She initially has intense reactions when there is a high level of nosie. I was quite worried at first. Is Kyla a gifted/special child? What do I do?

Well, I did a lot of research on the web. This is what I found from this site.

Some of the earliest signs of giftedness include:
– unusual alertness in infancy
– less need for sleep in infancy
– long attention span
– high activity level
– smiling or recognizing caretakers early
– intense reactions to noise, pain, frustration
– advanced progression through the developmental milestones
– extraordinary memory
– enjoyment and speed of learning
– early and extensive language development
– fascination with books
– curiosity
– excellent sense of humor
– abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills
– vivid imagination (e.g., imaginary companions)
– sensitivity and compassion

According to the site, early detection (from ages 3-8) is recommended. So far, Kyla has been able to adjust to school and adapt socially. She is curently in Kinder class at age 4. We are continually observing her.

If you have the same situation with your kid, I hope this posting has helped you and encouraged you. God has given us these children because He knows we can take care of them and be the parents these children need us to be. Of course, only with the guidance of God in our lives.