Protect the Head

Climbing is a sport that often requires precision and careful planning. One of the common and perhaps the most important reason for climbing helmets is to prevent injuries. The helmet can protect the head from small rocks that might fall as the person ahead of you climbs, and it can also protect you against rocks that simply come loose from the mountain. If you are climbing on a wall, you won’t need to be worried about rocks, but the gear can help if you accidently hit against the side of the wall of if a piece of equipment comes loose near the head. 


When you are climbing on an icy mountain, the helmet can not only protect your head from injuries, but it can also help to protect you from the cold. Most helmets have padding in them that will cushion the head if it’s hit. The cushions will protect the top and the sides of the head. Examine the gear before climbing to make sure there are no cracks because if the helmet is hit on a crack, then it might not provide the protection needed. Some bicycle riders can wear the helmets if they want something that is a little more protective than the smaller bike helmets.