On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018


On Fire! draws its inspiration from the quotation “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” from Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch.  This is theme for the Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018. As a homeschooling mom, I have learned that when my children are passionate about something, they pursue it with all their heart so this year’s theme is an exciting one for all parents who seek to ignite the passion in the hearts of their children to dream, to hope and to challenge them to become who they are meant to be! Educating for Life, the convention organizers, believe we are all called to make a difference in our world and together, we can inspire each other in doing this through the upcoming #PHC2018!

On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 will happen on Sept 22 at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Taguig City. The rates are :

* Early bird rate – Full access (With access to plenary talks, breakout sessions and expo)- P1000 per participant
* Expo only ticket – P100 per person
* Walk-in and on-site payment rate – Full access – P1200 per participant
* Kids 3 and below are free (lap seating only)


“You Can Homeschool!” by Cassandra Shepherd

In this inspirational session, veteran homeschooler Cassandra Shepherd will inspire homeschoolers who are in the early stages of their journey and encourage those who are already in the trenches.

Read Cassandra Shepherd’s profile online here.


“Homeschooling With a Vision” by Jayson Lo

Homeschooling begins with a family vision. It will be what will get you started and what will keep you going. It serves as an anchor for days when you wonder why you are homeschooling (and are tempted to stop altogether!). Homeschooling dad and motivational speaker Jayson Lo will inspire participants to craft their vision for their family as they begin their homeschooling journey (or revisit it if they’re already homeschooling), and stay true to it as they continue homeschooling.

Read Jayson Lo’s profile online here.


“Homeschooling Through the Mountains and Valleys of Life” by Michelle Padrelanan

Homeschooling is not about doing school at home. It’s a lifestyle. It involves the whole family. Sometimes, you experience “highs;” other times, you’ll be so “low” that you might be tempted to stop. But you keep on going anyway. Veteran mom Michelle Padrelanan will share how she homeschooled even through the toughest times, including the loss of their youngest child. Her story will encourage parents to heed the call to be their children’s primary educators.

Read Michelle Padrelanan’s profile online here.  


“The Secret to More Time and Energy” by Dr. Teresa Moon

We have really important goals! After all, we want our children to grow up to be successful, achieving, compassionate citizens. We also want them to be prepared for family, community, faith, profession, life. It’s a BIG job. And we often feel like we’re failing….somewhere. How can we parents do the very best…the most important things for our children? Dr. Teresa Moon, veteran homeschooling mom and mentor-to-many, will share the secret to achieving this.

Read Dr. Teresa Moon’s profile online here.  


“Spreading the Fire of Homeschooling” by Laksmi and Vishnu Maluya

Second-generation homeschooling mom Laksmi Maluya will share her experiences of being homeschooled, being a homeschooling mom, and her personal advocacy of “spreading the fire” and helping homeschooling families in their journey. Sharing the stage with her is her eldest daughter Vishnu, a homeschool graduate who is also spreading the fire of homeschooling in her own circles.

Read Laksmi Maluya and Vishnu Maluya’s profiles online here.  


“Making a Difference as a Homeschooled Kid” by Lia Cua

Their out-of-the-box education allows homeschoolers to find and pursue passions and advocacies that are important to them. 12-year-old Lia Cua, who founded Earth Crew Kids when she was 11 years old, will share what her advocacy is and how she is making a difference in the world through this.

Read Lia Cua’s profile online here.  


“Homeschooling Special Needs Kids: A Life-Changing Vocation” by Jen Wi-Bellosillo

Listen to Jen Bellosillo, a homeschooling mom of four, as she shares their family’s journey in homeschooling Josh, a special needs child, and how it helped them discover and pursue his passion. Her family’s story is a wonderful testimony about how homeschooling works for different types of learners and how it can become a life-changing option for the special needs child.  

Read Jen Wi-Bellosillo’s profile online here.

“Homeschooling Works!” by Camille Paguio

One of the most common questions homeschooling parents ask is: “Will my child turn out OK after homeschooling?” Camille Paguio—homeschool graduate turned wife and mom (who plans to homeschool her child), entrepreneur, and community leader—will address these fears by sharing her story as a testimonial that homeschooling does work.

Read Camille Paguio’s profile online here.



“Homeschool 101: Beginning Homeschooling” by Nove-Ann Tan

You know you want to homeschool or feel called to do it, but how do you actually get started? You may be asking yourself: “What are the things I need to know before I homeschool?” “How do I know that I’m doing the right thing?” “How do I plan our lessons?” These are valid questions for the new homeschooler. Let Nove-Ann Tan—veteran homeschooler, founding member of the Philippine Homeschoolers Association (PHA), and author of iHomeschool: How to Do It Without Losing Your Mind—address these questions and calm overwhelmed parent nerves in this breakout session.

Read Nove-Ann Tan’s profile online here.


“Teaching the Most Feared Activity: Public Speaking” by Dr. Teresa Moon

Research tells us that people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying. When at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Research also tells us that the real influencers are those who can articulate their ideas well. Your homeschooled students have important ideas to share. Significant contributions to make. Learn how to help them communicate well in every situation through Dr. Teresa Moon’s breakout session.

Read Dr. Teresa Moon’s profile online here.


“My Wife is Homeschooling! What Do I Do?” by Reiner Roldan

Moms are usually the main teachers in the homeschool, but dads play an important role too! Homeschooling dad Reiner Roldan, who is also currently taking his Masters in Family Life and Child Development, shares how he takes part in educating the children and why the father’s support is crucial in homeschooling.

Read Reiner Roldan’s profile online here.


“A Look at Homeschooling Methodologies and Styles” by Cassandra Shepherd

Classical. Montessori. Charlotte Mason. Unschooling. Unit studies. There are lots of different ways to homeschool but how do I choose? Second-generation veteran homeschooling mom Cassandra Shepherd will help participants get familiar with the five main homeschool methodologies to help them decide what is best for their children.

Read Cassandra Shepherd’s profile online here.


“Different Routes of Homeschooling” by Laksmi Maluya

There is no one way to homeschool and the variety of options can be overwhelming to those who are about to take the plunge… or those who are already homeschooling but unsure of the path they’re treading. “Should I enroll with a homeschool provider?” “What does being an ‘independent homeschooler’ mean?” Second-generation homeschooler and homeschooling advocate Laksmi Maluya has been through it all and will share the pros, cons, hows, and whys of the different routes to take in this afternoon breakout session.

Read Laksmi Maluya’s profile online here.


“Finding Your Village: Starting and Sustaining a Homeschool Support Group” by Moira Bulan-Bunyi

“It takes a village to raise a child,” one well-known African proverb goes. Indeed, homeschoolers need all the support they can get and one way to get support is through a co-op. But how do you find one? How can you build one and keep it going as life (and traffic!) happens? Moira Bunyi, homeschooling mom of four kids and founder of the Joy of the Lord Homeschoolers Co-op, will share how their “village” started from a family of 2 to a family of 11 meeting regularly, sharing classes, nurturing friendships, and providing support for one another.

Read Moira Bulan-Bunyi’s profile here.


“Taking the Plunge: Transitioning to Homeschooling” by Frannie Severino-Daez

Transitioning from brick-and-mortar school to homeschooling can be a big adjustment for the family and the children. How did other families do it? What can we expect? Can we really do this? These are just a few of the questions that long-time homeschooling mom of 8 Frannie Daez will answer in this breakout session.

Read Frannie Severino-Daez’s profile online here.


“How to Inject Truth, Goodness, and Beauty into Your Homeschool” by Gina Guerrero-Roldan

Truth, goodness, and beauty. These are lofty goals for homeschooling parents. But how do you actually teach and implement them in your daily homeschool life? What does “truth, beauty, and goodness” even mean when it comes to homeschooling? With everything else that we have to teach, is it really possible to include these goals in our lessons? Charlotte Mason-homeschooling mom and advocate Gina Guerrero-Roldan will answer these questions and inspire us to achieve these goals.

Read Gina Guerrero-Roldan’s profile online here.


“What Lights My Fire? Life Beyond Homeschooling” by Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao

Homeschooling is a tough vocation! Life revolves around lesson planning, actual teaching, looking for the best materials and styles for our children, shuttling and driving them from one activity after another… not to mention managing the home and everything else we need to do! But who are we beyond being teacher-mom, after our daily lessons are done? Is being our children’s primary educator all that we are meant to do? And what will our life be like when all our kids are done with homeschooling? Let HAPI (Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands) president, homeschool advocate, and “newly-graduated-from-homeschooling” mom of four Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao answer these questions in her breakout session.

Read Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao’s profile online here.


For more information on the program, visit http://www.educatingforlife.co/philippine-homeschool-convention-2018-program/

See you there!

Learnings from Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit 2017

A month ago, I signed up for the free Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit. I was looking forward to learning more about homeschooling  since I am now homeschooling a 7th grader! The summit was accessible online and was available from May 3-10.

The summit started with a keynote session from Davis and Rachael Carman talking about preparing for a Christ-centered homeschooling. Then every day, there were several sessions tackling particular subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, History and Finding the Right Tools for You. I wasn’t able to listen to all the sessions but was able to catch a few of the sessions.

I listened to Tom Clark as he talked about “But Algebra isn’t the same as Arithmetic! What do I do now?” I learned that math shouldn’t just be something that the children memorize but internalize. The curriculum we use should help the children understand and learn the “whys” of the different math concepts. I also learned that when the children find out what went wrong in the equation or the answer, it helps them remember the concept more than just correcting the math problem for them.

Diana Waring was such a bubbly speaker as she talked about “The Timeline of Teaching History to Your Children”. It reminded me the following truths in learning history:

  1. There are always 2 sides to a story. Even in teaching history lessons.
  2. Use various sources for history.
  3. Use wisdom when to introduce hard topics like the Holocaust
  4. Walk through the history at least two times.

I hope that the Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit will be an annual event as I really learned a lot from the few sessions that I was able to attend. I am looking forward to more homeschool conferences, as they say learning never stops!

My Day at the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015

I was at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura last October 17, 2015 to attend the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015: Ready for the World event by Manila Workshops, HAPI and The Learning Basket. It was my first time in the venue and I was quite impressed. There were many people filling up the seats by 8:45AM. And soon, the conference started with Mr. Edric Mendoza, president of HAPI or Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands welcomed everyone to the venue.


The first keynote speaker is Mr. Michael Donnelly, Director for Global Outreach of HSLDA and GHEC 2016.  He shared how homeschooling in such a time as this is not only helping your own families but answering a call to be part of a homeschool movement globally. His message was encouraging as he reminded us that nothing is really neutral, either they are used for God’s purposes or against him. He also reminded the audience to defend their families and culture and not to lose the right to teach their own children, as some countries like Germany and Sweden have banned homeschooling already.
IMG_4979 IMG_4978He summarized what homeschooling means to parents. He said “Homeschooling is the most effective way for parents to fulfill the role of stewards of our children to help them understand who they are and to be able to serve God.”

Then I went to SMX Convention Center Rooms and attended the workshop “Getting Your Children Ready for the World Through Independent Homeschooling” by Ms. Ched Arzadon.  I arrived a bit late as I passed the exhibit hall to check out what items were being sold and had to look for the venue. It was a very informative talk. She gave a brief history of mass schooling, alternative to mainsteam schools and last half of her talk was all about independent homeschooling. She gave examples of varied approaches and even discussed how and where to get Dep Ed accreditation tests and exams. She mentioned the A&E Test, PVT and PEPT.

For someone who is interested to know more about independent homeschooling in the Philippines, it was a must-attend workshop! I am so glad that she gave out hand-outs to the participants, so I can go back to the details if needed.

I attended the 2nd workshop entitled “Give Me One Good Reason to Homeschool” by Mr. Davis Carman. He is the husband of Rachel Carman and is the proprietor of the Apologia Educational Ministries. IMG_4998

He shared a fun list of reasons you’d want to homeschool your children which includes never missing the bus, cooking can count as learning, reading the Bible and praying aloud is allowed, wearing pajamas all day, student can do school work with their pets close by, kids can play outside, Lego playing is counted as learning…. but then he also shared a more serious list of reasons why you’d want to homeschool your child.

It’s a walk of faith. Teaching from a Christian worldview. Kids can explore creation outdoors and it births a love of learning in the kids. The family can do a lot of reading together. Individualized instruction. Positive social context of family and academic excellence.

Though I have been homeschooling for the past 6 years now, I am thankful to have attended this workshop. It reminded me why we are doing what we are doing and that we should carry on until God leads us otherwise.

The last workshop I attended was a forum facilitated by Mr. Edric Mendoza and the guest panelists are from Dep Ed and the principal of The Master’s Academy. The guests from Dep Ed were undersecretary Umali and the NCR deputy. The topics discussed revolved on accreditation, requirements to be a homeschool parent and K-12 specifically Senior High School.  At the end of the discussion, Dep Ed said that they would like the homeschool providers to submit to them their plans for Senior HighSchool and see if it will match what Dep Ed wants. Because as of today, there are no accredited homeschool providers for Senior High School yet.

The last keynote speaker for the day is Ms. Rachel Carman. She is the author of best-selling books and is a sought after speaker across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. She talked about “Teaching Foundational Truth”.

It was a super packed talk and I just had to capture it in photos to remember key points.


She discussed what truth is and how the world has been changing its very definition.

IMG_5007 IMG_5005 IMG_5004 IMG_5002 IMG_5008
Truth can only be found in the Word of God and it gives us all the information and truth that we will ever need. She also shared some resources we can use to know more about the truth.


The whole conference exceeded my expectations and I was certainly grateful that I was given the chance to attend. For someone who has been homeschooling for the past 6 years, this conference was a breath of fresh air. It was also equipping to know the global perspective of homeschooling and how to homeschool independently.

Even the exhibit was quite different from previous years and a lot bigger as well. I am also happy that there were workshops for children happening at the same time too. Hopefully, in the future conferences, there will be more curriculum vendors too!

It was a day off well spent! Homeschooling in the Philippines is getting bigger and I am grateful that God allowed us to be part of it!

2015 Parents Conference: Set Them Up for Success


As a homeschool parent, I believe it is important to continuously attend workshops which will give us ideas and develop us to become better parent-teachers. I am grateful that TMA gives annual family conventions to address this need but this year, they are doing something different.

TMA together with Manila Workshops and the Learning Basket is opening this year’s parents conference to everybody! Entitled as 2015 Parents Conference Set Them Up for Success happening on the 12th of March from 9:00am-5:00pm at the Bayanihan Center Unilab at Pioneer St Kapitolyo Pasig. The keynote sessions include: Set Them Up for Success by Edric Mendoza and  Catching Your Child’s God-given Bents for Success by Jayson Lo. There are also several workshops to choose from, including topics like: How to do a Character-focused education, how to do multi-level homeschooling, how to homeschool through high school how to adjust teaching strategies for effective learning, hooray for dads who homeschool and a Q and A forum.

For TMA enrolled families, entrance is free. Otherwise the fee is 500 pesos per person. If you want to bring your kids ages 2-16 years old, there is a fee of 500 pesos per child. There will be activities proided for children in the preschool to elementary ages.

To register, kindly visit this page: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/2015-tma-homeschool-parents-conference-set-them-up-for-success

When you register, please put MJCATMAHS_1 on the Referrer Code so they would know you heard about the workshop from me.


Homeschooling Conference 2014: Educating for Life and a Promo

As a homeschooling family for the past 4 years, attending a homeschooling conference is a breathe of fresh air. It brings me inspiration and encourages me to learn and connect with other homeschooling families in the Philippines.  This year, I am excited to announce that there will be a homeschooling conference we can all learn from!

Manila Workshops, The Learning Basket and Unilab supported by the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI) are proud to present the Homeschooling Conference of 2014, entitled Educating for Life: Homeschooling with Passion, Purpose and Confidence. It will be held on Sept 6, Saturday at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center in Pioneer Street Kapitolyo in Pasig City from 8AM for registration (program starts at 10) to 5:30PM.

Homeshooling conference_logo


If you are considering homeschooling your child or already homeschooling them, this conference is for you! There are numerous speakers who will share their knowledge and experiences in this whole-day event. The morning session will be for the keynote speech and a performance by a homeschool orchestra. The afternoon session will have all the talks, with 2 talks to choose from per time slot.

The speakers for the event are all experienced and passionate homeschooling parents who want to let others know about this great educational option for kids.

Educating for Life – Irma Chua, our keynote speaker, is a mom of six and has been homeschooling for 20 years. Educating her eldest (26) up to her youngest (15), she says that she loves the learning process that her family experiences together.

The Hands-On Homeschool Dad – Dennis Poliquit, known as “Big Daddy Jake” over the radio airwaves, is a hands-on homeschooling dad of two sets of twins and one singleton.

The Confident Homeschool Mom – Moira Bunyi, mom of three going on four. She has a post-graduate degree in Family Life and Child Development and has been homeschooling for five years now.

Learning in the Digital World – Yen Galagnara was a “housemate” at Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 back in 2007. She homeschools her three children while she runs a Korean language school.

Introducing Filipino Arts, Culture, and Heritage – Jen Bellosillo, mom of 3 + 1, has been homeschooling for six years now. She mentors other homeschooling parents as a CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy) parent coach.

Homeschool 101: Getting Started – Tina Rodriguez, mom of 3, lives a truly rich life as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom who advocates her faith through her blog Truly Rich Mom and through her social media presence.

Conquering Homeschool Fatigue – Donna Pangilinan-Simpao, a medical doctor, homeschools her 3 children. Wanting to support other homeschooling families, she created the growing Facebook group Homeschoolers in the Philippines.

Nurturing the Love of Learning – Ivy Marquez, homeschooled her three children up to high school. Missing teaching her kids and wanting to share what she learned in her years of homeschooling, she opened 360 Studio School, a school in Alabang.


Homeschooling poster_2

The Schedule of the Event is as follows:


8:00 a.m. onwards Registration
10:15 – 10:45 a.m. Opening Ceremony
10:45 – 11:30 a.m. Keynote Speech: Educating for Life – Irma Chua
11:30 – 11:45 a.m. Performance by a homeschool group
12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Lunch break
1:00 – 1:45 p.m. Option 1: The Hands-On Dad – Dennis PoliquitOption 2: The Confident Homeschool Mom – Moira Bunyi
2:00 – 2:45 p.m. Option 1: Learning in the Digital World – Yen GalagnaraOption 2: Introducing Filipino Arts, Heritage, and Culture in Your Homeschool – Jen Bellosillo
3:00 – 3:45 p.m. Option 1: Homeschooling 101: Getting Started – Tina RodriguezOption 2: Conquering Homeschool Fatigue – Donna Pangilinan-Simpao
4:30 – 5:00 pm. Nurturing the Love for Learning – Ivy Marquez
5:00 – 5:15 p.m. Closing remarks
5:15 p.m. Egress

Register before August 15 and you pay only 500 pesos per participant!

The regular rates are :

1000 pesos per participant.

1500 pesos per couple

500 pesos per child ages 7 to 18 years old. Child below 7 years old can enter for free. There will be a play area sponsored by Gymboree.

500 pesos for PWD.

To register, please visit homeschoolingconference.com or fill out the form below:

As a supporter of Educating for Life, Bee Happy Crafts is giving away a pack of crafting materials that contain 1 wrapping paper book, 20 pcs Assorted tags, 10 meters jute twine, 10 meters baker’s twine and 10 pcs mini clothespins to (1) one winner. He/She will also be given two free seats to the conference!!

Picture of the Prize

Hurry and join the promo using the Rafflecopter below! Promo starts today until August 18, 2014 only! Winner will be announced on the 2oth. The prize shall be given to the winner on the day of the conference.

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