Homeschool Help: On Lesson Planning and Schedules

When planning lessons without relying on textbooks, you would want to know what are the lessons required by the accrediting institution you are enrolled under for the school year. For DepEd accredited homeschooling, you may check their website ( for a comprehensive curriculum guide from K to 12. From that guide, you may list down specific lessons you need to cover per quarter in a spreadsheet. Afterwards, you may list down topics you want to cover under each lesson and further list the possible references and activities you want to do under each topic. You may include supplementary activities, living books and videos to further enrich the lessons. Be sure to include project making at the end so that the student can create an output based on the lessons learned. As you have an overview of all the lessons you need to cover for the whole school year, you may also combine certain topics or re-arrange the order of the lessons so that it is easier for the student. Sometimes, you may use unit-study approach on certain topics.

For those who don’t have the time to plan the lessons and you already have bought books from your homeschool providers to use for the school year, you may look at the table of contents of the book then divide it to 4 quarters so you get an idea how much content you need to cover. Then use that as your guide to make your lesson plans for the quarter. This will allow you to prepare for the activities or experiments which you may want to include. There are some subjects that you would need to do daily, but then others can be less frequent.

While your students are between K to Grades 6, their daily schedule will depend heavily on your availability, but as they become more independent, their daily schedule may vary already. For our family, reading aloud together and family devotions are important so we try to do it everyday at a specific time.

The time spent everyday by Kinder to Grade 2 students probably last around 1.5-3 hours while Grade 3 to Grade 6 spends around 2-4 hours daily. For Grades 7 up, it would probably take 4-5 hours daily.

Planning is important because it will help you navigate your days and it will help you reach your goals in homeschooling. But remember, no plan is perfect. If your current setup or plan doesn’t work, be flexible.

Homeschool Help: FREE Printable Homeschool Planners

If you are planning for your upcoming school year, you would be needing some planners to help you plan and be more intentional with your activities for the day,  the week or the month. There are so many available online and I would like to share with you some that I have found that are giving FREE printable homeschool planners, you just need to subscribe to their email list by signing up your email address.

Shining Mom –

Living Life & Learning –

Homeschool Den – Homeschool Vision Planner –

Inspire the Mom – Charlotte Mason Planner –

Wholehearted Homemaking – Charlotte Mason Planner –

I like the Charlotte Mason Planners specially the Year-at-a Glance and Term Recap pages.

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping Review

My daughter will be in high school soon so I need to be organized and  keep records more efficiently. has a product that promises to help me do just that!  I was given an annual membership access to My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) in exchange for a review through the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) is a digital product that helps you plan and track school work. It is accessible by a web browser like Safari or Chrome on a computer or through any mobile gadget. Review
Record keeping and planning are not my strengths. In homeschooling middle school and high school students, it is important to start tracking what the student has been learning and doing in every school year. knows this  and has provided a platform to help parents become more organized and better planners.  There is so much one can do in this program.

As I created my login and logged into the system, the first thing I did was setup students.


Since I have 2 kids, I entered both their names. Then I setup our school’s name, the term or the school year dates, the and the subjects that they have. I took time in adding the materials they used for each subject.


I can also set the grading scale to be used. I can choose to use numbers based or letters based or just pass/fail.


As I navigate through the menu, I noticed the main parts of the program includes Homeroom, Planbook, Reports and Teacher’s Aid.

It is in the Homeroom that I can see the summary of our school year. It shows the classes that I have assigned to my daughter. I have customized the classes and even set how many pages she needs to have read each day. I can also see the summary of my child’s attendance record for the whole school year. Events, awards and reading list can also be seen in this page. The number of extra-curricular activities and the standardized tests can also be seen as charts.

myschoolyear4 Under Planbook, this is where you can see the assignments for the week.

Under Report, this is the report generating section of the program. One can easily choose which report is needed and customize the report. As you click on the view report button, PDF files are generated. This PDF files can be emailed or printed as required by your state or your homeschool provider.

Teacher’s Aid reminds the teacher to complete the information needed to make the program work effectively.

What I Like About the Program:

I like the simple menu and easy navigation of the system.

This is a simple program that busy moms like you and me can easily learn. Though I believe that one needs to spend a few days to understand and set up the whole system, it is doable and simple enough to do. Once you understand how it works, you will enjoy creating lesson plans for your students. Updating the completion and the grades is easy as you can set the program to automatically compute the grade. The Create-A-Plan lesson generator helps mom to create lessons in bulk and saves time.

I also like the reports generated by the system.

The reports look professional and is flexible. I can print any report depending on what I need. Transcripts, report cards, lesson plans, instructional hours, materials by lesson and reading logs are just some of the reports that can be generated. myschoolyear3

I like the flexibility of the program. I can easily customize the lesson plans and the reports as needed.

The price for monthly membership fee is $5 ad just $40 for annual membership. Both can be used for  unlimited number of students. If you are still unsure, go and try the system first with a free trial.

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