Parenting 101 God’s Got An Answer For That : Teaching Kids How to Use the Bible to Solve Problems

It was a privilege to be invited by OMFLit Publishing to attend a free parenting talk a few weeks back at their Boni branch, God’s Got An Answer For That: Teaching Kids How to Use the Bible to Solve Problems.

Amor Alvarez is the first speaker and he is a pastor at Christ Jesus Our Life Church. He also works at OMF Lit Publishing. He shared about how we can apply Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” in our parenting.  


  1. Tell them about Jesus by reading His word. There are many age-appropriate Bibles available and choose one that fits your child’s age and interest.
  2. Patiently answer their questions. Answer truthfully and simply. If you avoid answering their questions, they will go to Google, social media or their friends to find out the answer.
  3. Read together especially when they’re young. This builds a love of reading in your children. Put your books at a reachable place. If you are not available, record your voice in an app and let your child listen to you read even if you are not there.

The second speaker is Ms. Angel Santos. She is the current children’s ministry head from GCF Ortigas.


She shared her parenting tips through the acronym INTENTIONAL.

Intimacy with God.  We need to grow personally so we can teach our children. Do our children see us praying and reading God’s Word?

Nurture your children.  Children stay out of the house because they don’t have a relationship with their parents. It is important to know your children’s love language and let them know they can express themselves at home.

Train them consistently. Do it daily.

xemplify Christ-like behavior. Be more kind, gentle, loving and have integrity.

ourish them spiritually. We should not delegate nourishing our children to the church as this is the parent’s responsibility. They need to know the Bible is part of their life, not just as stories but also they need solid doctrine. Help them to do quiet time and disciple them.

each them about real life. Help them understand that life is not perfect and how to deal with disappointments, difficulties and despair. Also teach them to dream and hope in God.

nvest time in relating to your children. A child would view God with the way the child relates to parents. If parents is always busy, then the child would view God as always busy. If the parents are distant, the child would view God as distant.

ffer them to God. We need to remember that our children are not ours, but God’s. Let’s entrust them to the Lord’s care and point them to His Word. Let them realize that the Word of God has everything that they need to know.

ever entrust your children’s future to others. Be proactive in teaching our children.

ffirm their value. Help them come up with goals and remind them of challenges they will encounter and walk with them on these challenges.

ift them up in prayer. We must pray for every area of their life.


Reflections of A Stay At Home Mom

After being a full time stay at home mom for almost  10 years, I can honestly say that managing the household is much like running your own corporation. You need to have good managerial skills to ensure that the family’s schedule don’t get too busy or overlap with one another. Financial skills is needed to ensure that you don’t go over the budget and that money is being used properly. Good decision making is crucial to make sure that wise decisions are made every day in every area of life so that the family operates the best possible way.

As a homemaker, there are days that I find my work tedious and repetitive. Cleaning the house, cooking the meals, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and fixing the mess around is not as glamorous as working in an air conditioned office or consolidating reports for your boss. In fact, there are days that I also have to clean the toilets, the garden and make sure that no pests are lurking around the house. If needed and if finances allow, I get extra help to make sure I cover the things that I can not do like calling extermination dorval to help me elimiante pests. On top of all these, I also homeschool and spend time with my children.

As I look back at the past years, I realized I have no awards to show. I don’t have any achievements that I can boast about. But by the grace of God, I look at our family and these are the people who I have invested my energy, my time and my passion. I see how the children have grown over the years and how my husband has been able to pursue his calling in his life. All of life’s milestones, the answered prayers, the struggles and trials we had to face each day together and the Lord’s faithfulness are what kept me going all these years.

The tedious and repetitive tasks that I do are all done out of love and service to my family. During tough days, I know that I have fulfilled what God has tasked me to do and that is enough to encourage me to go on. That decision to become a stay at home mom several years ago has allowed me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined, probably even more than when I was still working my way up on the corporate ladder.

I do not know what our future may bring but today, as I look back at the choice I made almost 10 years ago, I am blessed by where God has led my family. My heart is full.

Influencing Our Children

Yesterday’s preaching was about being the salt of the earth. It meant that we have to be influencers in the society we are moving in. God has placed us where we are for a specific reason and we should not shrink back and let the world overcome us. Specifically, as parents, we are to be the main influencers in the lives of our children.

With the emergence of technology and social media, the iPad and different gadgets are taking most of the time of our children away from us, the parents, whom God has called to influence our children. We wonder why our children hardly looks forward to talking with us when they come home from school and we think that providing them with the latest gadgets is the best way to let our children know that we love them.

We need to get our perspective straightened out. Being a parent is more than staying ahead of technology but becoming the main influencers in the lives of our children. While the children are young, we need to cultivate this time we have with them so that we can teach them what really matters in life. How can we do this?

1. Spend less time in front of  the technology gadgets we have. As parents, our children need to see that we don’t spend all our free time in front of the TV, the computer or our smartphones.

2. Engage in conversations. We need to communicate our values to our children. Share with them what is happening around the society and let them know what you think. It would be best to study and try to understand how Jesus would have wanted us to act if we ourselves are caught in such situations.

3. Read the Bible together. Discuss the lessons that we learn and how we can apply them in our lives.

4. Spend time with the children and pursue their interests.

5. Create family memories. Travel together, join outreach activities and special activities which can unite the family even more.

If we want the next generation to listen to us, we need to start listening to them now. Spending time together can be the start. Becoming influencers in the lives of our children entails hard work, but it is worth all the effort and the time.

Learning About the Family

I remeber back in college, I studied about the different laws of the land. I remember studying about obligations and contract, partnership and corporation. Being a stay at home, I know I don’t really utilize what I learned then but it gave me an idea how things work and how to resolve issues at the workplace or at the business.

One law that I believe everyone should study is the family code or family law. I don’t remember studying about the family code.  The photo2family code or family law includes provisions of the law about the family and what constitutes the family. With all the broken families around us,  I think learning about the  family law is important to individuals so that they will grow up informed of their duties and responsibiliies to their family and to the society. After all, the family is the basic unit of the community.

While my kids are studying their social studies subject, I saw in their book that the children are exposed to the different rights and duties of each person. I think this is a good opportunity to widen their knowledge about this subject matter.  I will be including the family code in the coming school year to give the kids some exposure, and some legal information about the family.

We also discuss about the different family cultures  and how it applies to us. Since our family is a mix of Chinese and Filipino, I want the kids to understand how the two cultures affect us. Above all, we talk about what the Bible teaches us about the family.

How about in your family? Do you ever discuss the family and the different issues it is surrounded with?


Parenting Tip: Giving More of Yourself As Your Kids Grow

One thing I learned in parenting is that while the children are growing, you need to provide more for your kids. And I am not talking about financial resources. Financially, you might need to save more since education and other expenses increase as well but what I have in mind is that you need to provide more of yourself to your kids since their needs are evolving.

They need spiritual guidance.

Even if you have taught your children Bible stories when they were young or your children attends Sunday school weekly, it is important that you continue to guide them spiritually. Having regular family devotions and family discussions can be a great way to disciple your kids and give them the guidance that they need as they face new and different situations in life.

They need emotional support.

Peer pressure and  dealing with feelings and friends are new to your children. You need to help your kids process what they feel and deal with their emotions so that they will not succumb to peer pressure. They also need to know how to express their feelings appropriately. The only way to show your children that you are there for them is to spend time with them.

They need your presence in their life.

Quality time is important but you also need to invest quantity time in your children’s lives. Being close with our kids as they grow up is essential so that we as parents can connect to our children and be who they need us to be. We need to know them so that our relationship grows with them. We need to know what they aspire to be when they grow up, whether they dream to be like the Sugar land cosmetic dentist or architects or lawyers or teachers. We need to know what is their greatest fear and what makes them tick. As we spend time with our kids, we grow along with them.


Parenting is hard work, especially as your kids grow but we need to remember to continually draw near to God to be able to provide our children what they need.  Giving more of ourselves is what God expects of us.