Family Bonding At A Hotel

As a family, I believe it is very important to spend some time together alone, whether it is going out of town or spending a night together in a hotel. This is where bonding moments and memorable events happen. Work and other stuff always grab our attention from our kids. The kids look forward to spend some time with their parents without these distractions.

We used to go to different hotels to spend bonding moments as a family but with the financial difficulties we face, we haven’t been able to do any of that lately. I was glad to hear that Jupiter Suites in Makati is offering affordable yet high quality accommodations. Whenever we visit hotels, the room, the service and the internet connection are some of the things I always consider. Jupiter Suites is a budget hotel in Makati City which offers internet connection for free. Now, that is something! It is also conveniently located in the Jupiter Street, which is near the CBD of Makati City.

Jupiter Suites is definitely a hotel I will consider on our next family bonding. I also found Jupiter Suites in Facebook. They will be giving way promotions soon so be a Facebook fan of Jupiter Suites now!

Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City