Internet Addiction

During the 2nd anniversary of last Saturday, Internet Addiction was the one of the topic discussed. Vanessa Baron from Golden Values School and The Nazareth Formation House was the main speaker.

It can not be denied that the Internet has been part of our lives for the past 10 years. While the Internet has made information sharing and social networking easy, it definitely has brought some problems to our society too. Just what is Internet Addiction? Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD is described as a growing addiction. It is a growing threat to our society. A person with IAD is someone who struggles to reconcile online life with real life responsibilities and fantasy. Addiction implies that a person has no control concerning a particular habit while dependency would mean a strong, compelling desire to continue a particular habit. Addiction may easily hide behind words like dependency or “to be hooked on computers”.

Here are some symptoms to watch out for:

– a significant amount of time is used in activities related to Internet use

– important social, recreational activities are given up because of Internet use

– feelings of restlessness or irritability when attempting to cut down on Internet use

– Internet is used as a way of escaping problems or relieving feelings of helplessness, guilt or depression

– inability to disconnect from the Internet and user feel a constant urge to reconnect

– crippling effect on communication skills and even fear of being around people in the real world

– instant gratification manifestation like being irritated when things are delayed or denied

– time on-line is disproportionate with their allocation of time for other daily habits


There was a guest speaker who is still under the care of The Nazareth House where she is seeking rehabilitation for her Internet addiction problems. She shared her personal experiences and her early childhood exposure to the Internet. She spent much of her time in games online, looking for people through free online dating sites who she can casually “date” online. She had multiple characters online and the worst part of it is that she can no longer distinguish her fantasy from reality. She even tried to hurt herself many times whenever her loved ones threatened to unplug her connection.

It was horrifying listening to her story but it also made internet addiction more real to me. I knew that as a parent, my kids are watching me and I know that I spend way too much time online using Facebook or Twitter or blogging. I don’t want them to grow up valuing online time more than real life. This has been a wake up call for me – to make sure that I live a balanced life at home. It also reinforced my belief that character and values formation are truly important  in my own life, as well as the life of my kids while they are young. These are what can help our children distinguish the right from the wrong when the face temptations as they grow up.

ParenTIN.TV’s 2nd Anniversary : Bloggers Day!

I have been a member of ParenTIN.TV for the past 2 years and the past 2 years have really been very informative and fun. Having watched the 40 parenting episodes online and attending most of their 11 events, I could definitely say that ParenTIN.TV has become a part of my motherhood experience.  Every event that I have been to  has truly been unique and memorable for me. Just last week, I was able to attend its 2nd anniversary celebration entitled “Bloggers Day”. The event was held at the cozy and elegant Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

A bountiful meal was prepared and waiting for us!

After eating a delicious meal, the event was formally started by Ms. Tintin Bersola. She shared with us that new episodes of Parentin.TV will focus on developmental milestones, toddler tips and more celebrity interviews. ParenTIN.TV is also searching for teen bloggers  for the teen section of their blog. Articles can be sent to And Ms. Tintin Bersola also announced that a new online promo was just launched for enterprising moms out there an opportunity to win a free booth at The Grand International Importers and Exporters Christmas Bazaar in Word Trade Center Hall A which will happen on November 11-20, 2011!


The winners of the Toddler Contest and the Online Quiz were awarded! But for me, the true highlight of this day were the guest speakers from Golden Values School and The Nazareth Formation House. Vanessa Garon talked about Internet Addition and Aggresive Behavior. It was a very informative and in-depth discussion of how internet addiction can affect one’s life. We were blessed to have 2 people who actually shared their life and experiences with us so we can all learn from them. I will post about the highlights of these discussions on another post.

The next speaker was Zonito-Torevillas-Tamase. She talked about health focusing on Acidity and Alkalinity. Will share more about the topic she discussed on another post.

Ms. Tintin shared with us her latest product endorsement – Smart Steps! Smart Steps has several baby products which are hypoallergenic and safe for baby like the Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener. Smart Steps also have Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser which are non-toxic which can be used to clean feeding bottles, nipples, teats, utensils and even toys. Thanks to ParenTIN.TV, I can and  am excited to try these products myself!

(photos courtesy of Pehpot)

The day ended with a hotel tour of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.
(photos courtesy of Pehpot)


Even my kids had fun in the hotel!

What a great day for ParenTIN.TV! I truly enjoyed the day with wonderful people who shares the same passion for parenting as I do. Until the next ParenTIN event!

Parentin.TV Terrific 2s Toddler Photo Contest celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with TERRIFIC 2’s: Toddler Photo Contest. You can email the photos of your two-year old baby showing his or her Terrific or Terrible 2’s. Send the photo with a short description to

The TOP 10 entries will be posted on the Parentin.TV website and two photos with the most number of votes win. Each winner will receive Ainon Gift Packs worth 2,000 pesos and other minor prizes. Deadline of entries is on July 30 and the last day for voting is on August 10.

Parentin.TV I Love My Family!

The event of will be on February 6 Sunday!

My ParenTIN.TV Talk Series 3 Experience

Last Saturday, I attended the ParenTIN.TV Talk Series 3 event. It was held in St Luke Medical Center at The Fort in Taguig. There were so many people who attended the event!
So I was so glad to meet fellow mommy bloggers I’ve met thru Mommy Moments at the said event.

There were so many speakers and the topics revolved around investing for the future of our kids. It started with topics like how we can invest in their well being by investing on cordbanking, breastfeeding and healthy eating. There were financial talks by PSBank and PruLife. There were also talks about parenting relationships which focuses on how to communicate with your kids especially about sex and the other topic was biblical parenting.
Hubby was blessed to be the invited speaker for biblical parenting.

Another blessing was when Toby was picked as one of the winners during the Nikon Appliances raffle draw. We won a single burner gas stove and rechargeable flashlight!

Attending ParenTIN.TV events always reminds me that I can be a better parent to my kids, in all aspects. It is never too late to learn and start to be a better parent.