We went to watch the Azkals game vs Turkmenistan last Tuesday. But before the game, we were able to go to the hotel and meet with some of the players at the hotel lobby. We were all very excited to have our picture taken with them and they were all very accommodating and friendly.

Here are the pictures with some of the Azkals.


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We even got some special souvenirs (courtesy of Mr. Ace Bright).

photo (81)photo (82)

It was truly a memorable day for the family!

Go Azkals!

Our family has been fans of the Philippine Azkals since we watched our first live game in 2011. My son has become a fan of this sports. He is our Mr. Football here at home.

Just recently, we got to watch the game of the Azkals vs Singapore.

photo (36)


Though the Azkals only scored a draw with Singapore, we are very happy to be part of the crowd!

photo (37)

Tonight, it will be another football night here at the house! Go Philippine Azkals! #WeBelieve !

We want to thank  you for making us aware of the beautiful game of football and for bringing pride to our country!

Mommy Moments – Mr. Football!

mommy moments

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On June 2011, the whole family went to watch the Azkals play against Sri Lanka. It was our first time to watch a football game live and we all came home as fans of the Philippines men’s national team. My son fell in love with the game at age 4 and has been following the UFL games and all the other Azkals games since then. He was able to watch the Azkals play live again against LA Galaxy last December. This summer, he was very excited to finally be able to join a short football introductory class. The coaches said that he showed potential!

This summer has really been an eventful one for my son. He also got to meet Emilio “Chieffy” Caligdong.

And he also met Phil Younghusband …

and his favorite, James Younghusband.

They got to chat a bit with him and he had the magazine and the ball signed too.

It was really an awesome experience for him!

And just a few nights ago, we were able to watch the Azkals vs. Indonesia game live again. It was an awesome family bonding experience. And to root for your country together with all the other people, sparks a bit of nationalism in your blood too! We also believe that watching the game brings inspiration to our little Mr. Football to do better in his sports! 🙂

Memorable Family Moment with the Azkals!

The family had a great bonding moment last Sunday as we were able to watch the Philippine Azkals game against Sri Lanka in Rizal Stadium!

It was a great experience as the whole crowd was rooting for the Philippines to win! Not only that, as the game began, the rain also started to pour… we were seated at the bleachers without any cover so everyone was drenched in the rain but no one left the bleachers and after half an hour, the rain finally stopped.. everyone didn’t seem to mind that everyone was drenched.

My kids enjoyed the game and they were excited to experience passing the big Philippine flag around the stadium!


I certainly will not forget the memorable moment we had last Sunday… hope my kids will always cherish it as well!