Potty Trained!!!

My little boy is finally potty trained! Well, he has been off his diapers since he was 2 something but it only stared last week when we finally would tell me when he is going to poop. He used to just poop on his pants whenever I don’t catch him on time. But thankfully, starting last week, he finally would tell me and go to the CR to do his thing! I am so glad. He is now 3 and 6 months. It took quite a long time but its worth it! Now I can relax and try out some weight loss drinks without having to worry about him!

Potty Training Update

After a month of potty training, my little boy is now more cooperative to use the comfort room when necessary. Although he is not completely potty trained, I can say that he is around 80% trained. Though when it comes to poop, you have to watch him and if you see him, you need to bring him to the bowl to do his thing, otherwise, he will just poop on his briefs! Anyway, I also found out that he doesnt like to use the comfort room if it is his first time to visit that place. We spent our Holy Week vacation at my mom’s place in Manila. He didnt go at all for so many hours because the comfort room is new to him! But after a couple of days, he finally settled down… He also doesnt like to use the Safety First toilet seat!

Well, I am just really glad that there is some improvement on our potty training. We dont use as much diapers anymore! 🙂 We only use it now when we go out and when its night time.

Potty Training Update

Since last Saturday, I have started to potty train my little boy. We have removed his diapers during day time. I bring him to the bathroom every 2 hours or less. So far, we have only been successful once a day. Most of the time, he just pees on his underwear. Well, its only been less than a week… so I know it may take a few more weeks before he is completely trained.

Is My Child Ready for Potty Training?

I started potty training Kyla at the age of 1 year 10 months and by age 2, she was no longer wearing diapers. She was ready. As for Toby, he has just turned 2, but I haven’t been successful in training him yet. I don’t think he is quite ready too. Although there are days that I remove his diapers and let him wear briefs. Its just that he keeps peeing every hour or less and doesn’t tell me when he poops! So, what are the signs that my child is ready for the potty? I know that every child is different. I researched a bit and these are some information I found. Let me share it with you. The following information is taken from Potty Training Boys.

For any potty training routine it is important that all other caregivers are in on the plan. Consistency is key to successful learning so if both parents, siblings and any other people who care for your child know what you plan they can help with the process.

Potty training is far more likely to be successful if your child is physically and mentally ready to begin. While it might seem that sooner is better, many children are not ready to use a toilet until they are closer to 3 years old.

Before starting you should make sure that your child is able to understand and follow 1-2 directions at a time. For example, he should be able to finish his drink and bring the glass to the kitchen when he is done. If he isn’t able to listen well enough to do as you ask and cannot hold more than one direction in his mind at a time he will not be able to manage the necessary steps to using the toilet.

Your child should also be able to tell when he needs to go to the bathroom, or at the very least be able to tell you that he has soiled his diaper when he is done. Without the ability to be aware of his bowel and bladder movements he will not be able to tell you before he needs to go and his efforts to get to the toilet on time are doomed to fail.

Another important thing is that your child should be able to remain dry for at least 2 hours at a time. It will be far too difficult for him to learn to use the toilet if he constantly needs to pee.

If all of these things are in place it is time to begin teaching your child the basics. You can start by getting him to practice pulling his pants on and off when you get him dressed each morning and night. It is very important that he is able to pull his own pants up by himself, but it may take a while for him to develop the necessary coordination.

In the meantime build up some excitement. Whatever method you decide to use your child needs to be enthusiastic about the process. Research different methods and decide which one fits. Before you know it he will be well on the way to a dry future.