Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse

When it comes to special occassions that bring the family together, nothing is bigger and better than Christmas. That’s why, even with the busy schedule of moms, they still find ways to make the season as memorable as the last. One way is to serve special desserts to make the celebration extraordinary.

That’s why Red Ribbon Bakeshop created Chocolate Mango Mousse, a limited edition premium cake to make parties, get-togethers, and reunions even sweeter.

Red Ribbon combines two of the most loved dessert ingredients to create one delightful cake. It is made with a layer of creamy mango mouse with juicy mango bits on top of silky chocolate mousse and moist chocolate pound cake and generously embraced with chocolate ganache. As a finale, mango scoops and shaved chocolate are placed on top to make Chocolate Mango Mousse both delicious and beautiful.

For Christmas celebrations that call for an extraordinary dessert, take home a Chocolate Mango Mousse.

Chocolate Mango Mousse is available for only P700.00 for a whole cake and P70.00 for a slice in all Red Ribbon stores and selected booths for a limited time only this holiday season.