Fun Summer Activities 2015

Summer is finally here! Aside from taking a break from the usual school routine, this is a perfect opportunity for kids and you to try something new. There are several fun summer activities and  I’m sharing with you some of them!

National Bookstore has several arts and crafts events on their different branches. Activities include Basic Manga Art & Story Workshop, Basic Sketching & Card Making, Clay Painting, Coloring & Doodling, DIY Arts, Fashion & Art Workshop. Click on image for the  full schedule.



Ayala Museum brings wiriting, arts, crafts and photography workshops for you and your child! You may click the image for more information.



Manila Workshops together with Megaworld is offerig Craft Buffet. Happening every Sunday this April. For April 12, workshops include Art of Doodling, Rubber Stamping, Design Your Tote Bag and Basic Brush Calligraphy. Click on the image for more information.



Summer Break

We are on summer break for the past month. We haven’t really done any school work for the past weeks. My kids have been playing and spending much of their time doing arts and crafts. They are also trying to redecorate their rooms. There are days that they just want to stay in the bathroom and take a bath. For the past 3 weeks, it has been too hot to do anything at all especially in the afternoons, even to surf the net and check out those hydroxycut. The month of May is fast approaching and I hope that we would be able to do at least one field trip just before school starts again on June. But May will be a busy month for us because of my daughter’s upcoming recital!

Mommy Moments – Summer Plans

mommy moments

Summer season has begun here in the Philippines. What are your kids doing this summer season? Care to share your summer plans? Join us this week at Mommy Moments!

This is what my daughter drew when we started our summer break.
She said she wants to:
  1. play with Toby
  2. go swimming
  3. go to the museum
  4. go to the beach to find corals
  5. paint my room pink and blue
  6. arts and learn painting
  7. help mommy
  8. watch new movies
As for my son, this is what he drew:

1. clean house
2. swimming
3. dragon dance
4. paint
5. ride a rocket ship
6. ride on an airplane
7. design room
8. beach

Well, we have been doing arts and crafts for the past weeks. They also have been swimming. We started our piano lessons via you tube videos. And hopefully, we will be able to go to the beach soon!

I really hope that we will have a fun-filled and productive summer!

Summer Daily Activities

Now that the summer vacation for the kids has started, I have more time to do some personal stuff. I checked out some business office supplies online and see how much we need to buy for some refills and stock replenishment. Aside from that, I am still doing “school” with my kiddos every day. We do math reviews, piano lesson, spelling and arts and crafts for my little girl and math and reading for my little boy. Of course, from time to time, I allow them to play and have fun!

I look forward to a summer filled with fun, laughter and learning with the kids!

Summer Days Are Here

Now that our daily classes are over, the summer season has officially begun for my kids this week. We try to make each day an interesting day by creating a summer daily schedule. It includes days where we learn about math, reading, geography, arts and music. Of course, it also includes field trips. Hopefully, we would be able to visit places that my kids would really love. They also want to go swimming. We haven’t planned on visiting any pools yet, whether those with pool lifts or not, because we are quite short financially. I really pray that we would be able to save up and get to visit some nice places this summer time!