Our Munting Buhangin Escapade

My sister fetched me and the kids and we were on our way to Nasugbu, Batangas. We went to Munting Buhangin. We arrived by 11am and ate our lunch….

Then started to explore the beach.

Of course, the kids had a blast discovering the beach.. they played with the sand.. ran on the sand.. played along the waves…

we had lots of fun looking for seashells and corals along the beach, while the waves were splashing all around us!

It was a great escapade! Even if we stayed only for less than 6 hours, we had loads of memories and fun! 🙂

Batangas Beach… Which One?

I am looking forward to another long weekend this week! It would be my day off and I would not be reading any phentermine reviews. I am hoping that we can bring the kids out of town since this would be one of the last holidays for hubby this year since he has lined up many activities on coming holidays already! I have the beach in mind, but am not sure which beach site is best to go to. I mean, Batangas would be great but where exactly in Batangas? Do you have any suggestions?