Purity Talk : Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss

Valentine’s day is here. Love and romance is on the air! What better time than now to read the Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss book by Jennie Bishop. I have already posted about the story book the Princess and the Kiss but my daughter and I are going through the 21 easy-to-use devotional lessons which covers biblical teaching on purity, relationships and God’s plans for marriage (or singleness). I like it because the words used are non-threatening and used in an age-appropriate way. Each lesson has several activities which can help your daughter remember each lesson more vividly.

It is truly a great tool to help moms openly talk to their daughters about issues on purity, having a good conscience, sincere faith and marriage. I appreciate the questions and the suggested discussion in each lesson. It has allowed me to discuss issues about integrity, guilt, purity and love with my daughter. Some lessons are repetitive but I believe that it was done so to stress the importance of the lessons.

I know that after 5 years, I would need to discuss this again with her but I am glad that I am able to plant seeds as early as now. Hopefully, by then, we would be able to do a simple purity commitment ceremony as suggested in the last part of the book. We will do it as a reinforcement to what we have learned in this study and for her to commit to saving that kiss for her future.

Purity Talk : The Princess and the Kiss

Purity is a topic that is really sensitive and one that parents should not fail to discuss with your kids. If you grew up in a typical family like I did, purity was something that wasn’t discussed, as with sex and love and all those stuff. Most of the time, the kids discover and learn about it by wandering their way through life. Usually kids get in a relationship as early as high school, some even earlier. With all the information that media, social networks, friends and the society throws to our children, we should be vigilant and be proactive in this area before malice and before the kids learn about it in the wrong way.

Admittedly, this is a hard topic to discuss with our children. It can be awkward and if you are like me, you just don’t know where to start. I read another homeschooling mommy blogger’s post today which confirmed that we should help each other and inform each other how to go about this.

Today, I would like to share with you a book which focuses about purity. The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop is a story of God’s gift of purity.

We recently were blessed to have a copy of this book. The story is about a king and a queen who presented their daughter a gift of kiss as she was of age. They taught her that God gave her this gift because He loves her dearly. She is free to keep this kiss or give away this kiss as she sees fit. But they warned her to use wisdom and save her kiss for the man she will marry. The story showed different suitors that came and how the princess finally came to know who to give her precious first kiss to.

It is an amazing story which we can discuss with our daughters. Aside from this story, we can share with them why it is important to stay pure along with some Bible verses and personal stories too. I think this book is appropriate for 6-9 year old girls. This book also comes with a partner book which showcases life lessons from this story.

It will never be too early for our daughters to learn the importance of purity. Because if we don’t start early, we might be too late.