Outdoor Toy Company

Kids love to play outdoors! No matter if its my daughter or my son… they both love to play outside. Seeing the different pieces of outdoor toys from the outdoor toy company is a real treat! I often look around the internet to check out toys that are worth purchasing for the kids.

So when we sae the Outdoor Toy Company site, I asked my kids which outdoor toy they really like and they chose the All Out Play Castle. So I checked out the details of this castle. I found out that it is made of wooden frames. It also can stand on its own or become the central unit when there are several units attached to it. It has a wide deck area, internal monkey bars, lower den and you can attach several accessories on it too. You can definitely add a slide or a connecting bridge to make it even more fun!

Children fort and castles are a unique and lasting investment. The timber used requires no restaining or repainting. Aside from checking all the fixings regularly, only the plyroofs and hanging bars need to be repainted.

Isn’t it a great deal already? This would definitely be a gift that my kids would love to receive!

Toy Kingdom

When we went to SM Megamall 2 weeks ago, my kids had a blast!
They loved the BIG toy Kingdom shop!

I just used my Nokia N70 so some shots are blurry!

Review of SuperHero Trading Cards

I have been given the opportunity to review another toy from Action Toys Inc. Action Toys Inc. are the makers of educational, non-violent toys, crafts, gifts and activity products. This product came from their Curiosity Kits Quick Kits brand.

SuperHero Trading Cards allow your child to create 4 personalized trading cards. It comes with 4 SuperHero card frames and stickers to dress up the card. It also comes with an easy to follow instruction booklet. Your little guy just needs to have his picture ready. There are many blanks to filled out at the back pertaining to super hero information and powers. Its pretty easy to do. Of course, Toby is still too young to do it on his own so I prepared it for him. Here is the result!

If you are interested to learn more about the products of Action Toys Inc, just browse their website.

*This is not a paid advertisement. This entry is based on my personal opinion.

Review of Pocket Zoo From Action Toys Inc.

Are you looking for educational and non-violent toys, crafts, gifts and activity products? Action Toys Inc. has a wide variety of such products. I was very happy to be given an opportunity to review a product from their Curiosity Kits Quick Kits brand. Pocket Zoo allows your child to easily make 4 felt puppets. The package contains pre-sewn creatures, sticky felt pieces and google eyes. It also includes an illustrated instruction booklet which is quite easy for my little girl, who is 5 years old, to follow by herself. We enjoyed our arts and crafts time today at home with the help of Pocket Zoo. After creating the puppets, both Kyla and Toby had a blast playing with their new finger puppets.

These are the kind of toys that I have been looking for. The toys they have are geared for 3-12 years old kids. Right now, I don’t think they have a local distributor yet here in the Philippines, but you can check out there website for more information.

*This is not a paid advertisement. This entry is based on my personal opinion.