Homeschool Legacy Christmas Comes to America Review

We have just set up our Christmas tree. I can’t believe it but in a few weeks, Christmas will be here! What a wonderful way to welcome this season though an in-depth study of Christmas from Homeschool Legacy.

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}
We are reviewing this Once-a-Week Unit Study Christmas Comes to America through the Homeschool Review Crew. Homeschool Legacy is a product by Sharon Gibson, a homeschool mom of 16 years who believes that unit study approach is the best way to help children learn. Unit study provides a fun and creative atmosphere for the children to learn. Through unit studies, different subjects can be tackled while studying a single topic. Most of the time, you can incorporate language arts, grammar, spelling, history, social studies, science and math lessons as you study the topic. It is also good for multi-level families as everyone can study and make the activities together. It builds relationships and makes more memories for the family.

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

The Once-a-Week Unit Study Christmas Comes to America is biblically centered. The main source of the Christmas story is the Bible though throughout the weeks, you will be taught how Christmas traditions have originally started in different countries, the customs, symbols and traditions of the Christmas season.

 It is also easy to implement as virtually no preparation is needed. Everything has been researched, listed and scheduled for you already. It is very easy to incorporate into your schedule and as mentioned, you can do it once-a-week.

To make this unit study more interesting, they have provided a list of books you can read while doing the lessons. There is also a list of videos that you can watch during Family movie nights to further enhance the learning experience.


The lessons also incorporate ways for the Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls to earn their badges while doing this unit study. The material is good for the entire family and is best suited for grades 2-12.  You will receive the material in PDF format so you can read the material in any mobile device or through your computer.

The lessons are divided into 4 weeks. Week 1 tackles  The Dutch. The proposed schedule is that the children do independent reading daily while the family meets once a week to discuss the devotional. Then as suggested, children are encouraged to research the history of one tradition per day throughout the month. The origin of “Santa Claus” according to the Dutch was also disclosed. There are some activities for language and then cocoa-making for life skills. This was probably the favorite of our family! At the end of the week, you are encourage to watch a classic Christmas movie.

Week 2 is all about The English. It begins with individual reading daily and the family meets to discuss the devotional. The English discusses the origin of St. Nicolas and the tradition of singing Christmas carols. The making of Christmas cards is discussed and encouraged at the end of the lesson as well.

Week 3 focuses on The German. Ever wondered what “Christkindl” meant and what it stands for? This lesson would help your family understand that. It also features many of the symbols associated with Christmas like the trees, ornaments, tree lights, advent wreaths and the stockings.

Week 4 features The American Christmas.



It includes the same activities as with the other weeks and at the end, you will be encouraged to create an after Christmas tree for the birds. Definitely, an activity that the children will love!

If you are interested to learn more about the the history  and diversity of the U.S., you may check out the Once-a-Week Micro-Studies: Many Nations . This study would let you know more about the  different Nations of Native Americans in the U.S.

This downloadable product only costs $14.00.

If you are looking for a unit study with no frills on Christmas and one  that is easy to implement, then you should go ahead and purchase this unit study. The activities listed are definitely going to make Christmas more memorable for the entire family and make each one appreciate all the Christmas traditions that they have been doing all these years.

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Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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Progeny Press Sarah Plain and Tall Interactive Study Guide Review

We believe in literature based curriculum so we were quite delighted to be reviewing Progeny Press Sarah, Plain and Tall Study Guide as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Progeny Press Review
Progeny Press is not new to us as we have reviewed one of their products, Frog and Toad Together, last year. Progeny Press produces study guides for classic literature and popular novels from a Christian perspective. Their mission is to let the children think clearly, understand literature and to rely on the scripture for truth and values and enjoy themselves. The study guides are categorized according to these levels:

  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School

The Study Guides are available through physical books, CDs, and E-guides. Some E-guides are interactive, meaning the student can type in their answers directly to the PDF file and save it. You need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to use E-Guides. If you want to print the PDF file, you may also do so using the print feature of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Study Guide for Sarah, Plain and Tall is recommended for students in grades 4-6. My daughter who is currently in 6th grade is the one who read the book and worked on the study guide. The study guide is 43 pages long. It costs $17.99. The recommended time to complete work on a single guide takes 8-12 weeks but it could take lesser time depending on your child’s capability.

Progeny Press Review

I had my daughter read the book Sarah, Plain and Tall written by Patricia MacLachlan. Then I had her work independently on the Study Guide. She opened the document and read the information on the author, synopsis and the background information on the setting of the story. She checked out the Before You Read Activities and found that she was recommended to write to a penpal. Since she was already sending letters back and forth to a friend in Canada, she understood what it was like to write and send letters to someone who is on another continent in the world. There were several other activities like history research, map work and reading aloud another story, but she wasn’t keen on doing them. So she just moved on to the next part.

My daughter liked the story of Sarah, Plain and Tall as it focused on family life in a prairie setting. She realized how different life back then was, as they didn’t have modern communications and had to rely on newspaper ads and letter writing to communicate with another person on a different part of the country. But she also noticed that even if times were different, the basic needs of people are the same. To have a joyful family was clearly important back then as it is today.


The study guide was divided by chapters. The first part was focused on Chapters 1-3, then there were vocabulary words, questions about the story and questions that made you think and then questions related to the story but put in the context of the scriptures. There were activities like  word search, crossword puzzle and after you read activities too.

My daughter was able to finish the study guide in 3 weeks but still is working on the after you read activities. She enjoyed working on this study guide as it helped her analyze the story more and appreciate the details of the story. She also liked the part where she worked on similes. She can be a voracious reader but using Progeny Press study guide helped her to slow down, and dig deeper into the richness of the story.

Going through the study guide, we were also able to have discussions on what is important in a family, where to find your life partner and what to look for in your life partner.

I would highly recommend this product if you  want you children to dig deeper on the literature that they read. Because in the end, it is not about how many books you’ve read but how many books you’ve understood.

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Progeny Press Review

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