Throwback Thursday: My Wedding Dress

My Throwback Thursday post this week is all about my wedding dress.

When I got married 12 years ago, I browsed through various websites looking for that perfect wedding gown. I wanted something simple and something princess-y. I spent countless hours online and offline, searching for that perfect gown for me. I searched through bridal shops in Anderson SC and local bridal shops as well. It was hard to find the perfect gown because I didn’t want backless or tube like gowns which was very common during that time.

Eventually, I was able to find that perfect gown. I had the gown made and I loved it!

It didn’t have too many flairs and it gave me the look I wanted. It was a sleeveless gown with satin cloth and a petticoat skirt underneath. I was comfortable all through out the day. It wasn’t too heavy and the train wasn’t too long. It also didn’t cost me so much and that made it even better!

After many years, as I look back on my wedding dress, I have no regrets and I am very happy with it. Through the years, I am glad that I didn’t spend so much on my dress and that I was able to find that perfect design for me.

Nostalgia : My Wedding Dress

In a few more weeks, we would be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that it has been 10 years since that beautiful wedding day we had. I can still remember choosing my wedding dress design over the available designs at the internet. I looked over destination wedding dresses and over a hundred designs available online. Eventually, I chose this design and really loved the wedding dress I wore on our special day. I also was glad that I didn’t have to spend too much to make my wedding dress too!

I would be writing more about our wedding day as our anniversary comes nearer. Join me in my Nostalgia journey…

Wedding Gown Preservation?

When I got married almost 9 years ago, I wish I knew about Floral Preservation and Wedding Gown Preservation services of Precious Memories. I wanted to preserve my wedding gown and wedding shoes and pass it on to my daughter someday… but I wasn’t very wise then… so my wedding gown is just kept inside a box and became yellowish already. 🙁

So for those of you who are just getting married or who just got married, don’t forget to check out Precious Memories multiply site and have your wedding gown, bouquet and other important mementos preserved!

Note: This is not a paid post. Photos taken from Precious Memories’ gallery.