Beautify Your Surroundings With Art

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Beautiful art for your home, office, restaurant or business makes life more enjoyable. There is such a variety in the selection of the art available that you are sure to be able to find something that will appeal to both your eye and your heart.

Framed art prints of creative abstract paintings can be chosen that feature multicolored scenes with a main color that matches your decor. Geometric shapes can be interesting to view, and all types of unique designs present themselves.

Do you prefer prints of people? Imagine the tremendous collection that would fit your particular interests or the types of activities that you like to show to others. Do you like to display celebrities or sports figures or famous politicians or artists? Many images are fine art photography prints of those people.

Especially if you are a builder or an architect, specific buildings may be what you’d prefer to display, whether they are houses overlooking lakes and gardens or other outstanding architectural designs in all types of structures.

Are you more interested in animals and nature? Choose your favorite subject and find art that expresses what you feel or is a significant scene. Especially if you have a veterinary clinic, cats, dogs, horses, or other animals will liven up your walls and make your patients feel right at home.

Perhaps you prefer the soothing and serene tranquility of a gorgeous nature painting to make your room’s atmosphere relaxing. Also, flowers come in an amazing variety and colors to enhance your surroundings.


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Oil Pastel Art Work

Wednesdays are art days for us. Just recently, my homeschoolers worked on oil pastel and these are their works!

This is Kyla’s finished work. I loved this! There is so much detail.


This is  Toby’s work, a sibling portrait! It is cute and lovable :) isn’t it?


Giving Better Personalized Gifts Through New Technologies

People love personalized gifts. The only problem with them is that they are not always of the highest quality. Sure, you can get something monogrammed and it will look professional if you go to someone with experience. What we are talking about, however, are personalized photograph items. Many people go to their local store to […]

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Toby at the Zobel Cup 2015


Last Saturday, my son as part of the Kaya Football Academy U-9 team, competed at the Zobel Cup or Brother Ceci Cup 2015. Their team was brilliant and won the 2nd place (silver medal)!   He mostly played back defense, but he played best when he was at the midfield. It was a tiring but […]

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How to Teach Children about Cooking and Food Safety


Whilst you, hopefully, know a lot about kitchen safety, your child will only know what they have been taught or have picked up from watching you.  And, whether you have a large bespoke kitchen designed by, or a small kitchen that you struggle to move around in, you’ll find that children are inquisitive creatures […]

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Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids Book Review


One of the books I read a few months back is Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids by Grace Shangkuan Koo published by Church Strengthening Ministry. It was one of those books which helps you reflect and evaluate your role as a parent and help you develop good habits to be a better and wiser […]

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