May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic Book Review


I was given the opportunity to review the book May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic by Mighty Rasing and I was looking forward to what I can learn from it. May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic is published by OMF Literature Inc. and is written in conversational Taglish.  Mighty Rasing is a blogger, a New Media practitioner and co-host of the award winning radio program Family Matters of 702 DZAS. He is also part of the Philippiine Staff of Young People’s Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

This 104-page small book is filled with practical applications on personal development and how to make a difference for students and young professionals. Mighty encourages the readers to take action and become a difference in their communities by using different super heroes like Spiderman, Batman, Nick Fury, Human Torch, The Hulk and Cyclops as examples and metaphors for certain issues and draws inspiration from Biblical references.

The book encourages the youth to use their information and techology skills and their entreprenuerial mindset to do something for the greater good of everyone. It also takes them on a journey to discover their passions, set their vision and goals, get together with like minded people and resolve conflicts.

After reading the book, I realize that this is a book many young people need today. Very easy to read and direct to the point, it inspires everyone to do something – even if you think you are just an ordinary person. You CAN make a difference! It is possible to be #SuperEpic!

You can grab your own copy from National Bookstore, PCBS, OMF Literature Bookshop and Flipreads. For more information, visit the #SuperEpic webpage and get free resources!




Fun Summer Activities 2015

Summer is finally here! Aside from taking a break from the usual school routine, this is a perfect opportunity for kids and you to try something new. There are several fun summer activities and  I’m sharing with you some of them!

National Bookstore has several arts and crafts events on their different branches. Activities include Basic Manga Art & Story Workshop, Basic Sketching & Card Making, Clay Painting, Coloring & Doodling, DIY Arts, Fashion & Art Workshop. Click on image for the  full schedule.



Ayala Museum brings wiriting, arts, crafts and photography workshops for you and your child! You may click the image for more information.



Manila Workshops together with Megaworld is offerig Craft Buffet. Happening every Sunday this April. For April 12, workshops include Art of Doodling, Rubber Stamping, Design Your Tote Bag and Basic Brush Calligraphy. Click on the image for more information.



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Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review


My daughter is currently in 5th grade and in a few years, she would be in high school. I realized that she would need high school transcripts and a more organized homeschool documentation in the coming years so when Schoolhouse Review Crew offered me to review theLord Heritage HomeSchool Office, I was quite nervous and […]

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Basic Yaya Training for 2015


For families who have hired help at their household, here are some basic yaya trainings for them! There are 4 workshops for you to choose from. Workshop 1 is Etiquette and Cleaning and will happen on April 25 at Mothercare Active Fun. Topics to be discussed: • Personality Development • Manners • Etiquette • Responsibilities/Housework • Alternative […]

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Sending Your Child to Boarding School


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