The Virtue of Negotiation: Always Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Your Divorce Settlement No Matter What

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time. Regardless of whether you want the divorce or not, sometimes the settlement process has to be undertaken for the good of everybody involved. However, with so many emotions involved, so increases the risk of making a mistake.

Any mistake made in the divorce settlement process can be costly, both socially and financially, which is why it’s vital to stay focused and alert throughout. To help you make the right decisions, today, we’re going to explore seven of the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

#1 – Thinking You Can Have It All

Whether you’re thinking about property, finances or possessions, you might have a list of ideas on what you’re going to keep throughout and after the process. However, setting your expectations unrealistically too high can lead to disappointment and frustration. Remain neutral.

#2 – Not Asking Questions

Throughout the entire divorce process, it’s vital that you ask as many questions as you needto know. Remember, this is your life, and if you don’t understand something, you need to seek clarification. Accepting everything in blind faith may not result in the best outcome.

#3 – Believing Everything Will Be Fair

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with your spouse, you might think you know them, and it turns out they’re the complete opposite. Never assume that everything is going to pan out fairly as you never know what’s going to happen.

#4 – Not Thinking About Finances

It’s a common misconception that your finances will be split 50/50 upon divorce. There are plenty of variables throughout the process, so you need to make sure you know exactly where you are now in terms of finances and plan for what you’re going to do in the future.

#5 – Avoid Facts and Figures

During the settlement process , they’ll be lots of facts and figures thrown away relating to different areas of the case. However, by avoiding focus on them, this can cause serious problems, especially if the ‘facts’ are incorrect. Always double and triple check all data to ensure its accuracy.

#6 – Not Considering the Details

When you’re talking to your lawyer and organizing your family law strategy , it’s vital that you share all the information possible with your legal professional. This is because any detail can add an entirely new angle or perspective to each case, and failure to share information can completely undermine the final outcome.

#7 – Forgetting the Deadlines

It’s understandable that some people are going to want to case proceedings to be over and done with as soon and as quickly as possible. It’s tempting just to turn away from the whole thing and wait for it to blow over.

However, be aware that some parts of the process have deadlines that need to be addressed. If they’re not, they can cause serious problems for you.


Don’t let divorce get you down and make your life worse. By being organized, focused and aware of your rights and responsibilities, a divorce settlement doesn’t have to be a messy process. Always seek the advice of a legal professional and aim for complete clarity from start to finish.

1st Global Homeschool Conference

October 13th marked  the 1st Global Homeschool Conference held at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura in Taguig. I was excited to see how different this conference would be from the previous conferences I’ve been!

The day started early for my daughter and me as we went to the registration area and was welcomed by a long queue of attendees excited to pay or get their kits for the day.

After getting our bracelet and stickers for the workshops, we had few more minutes so we headed to the Homeschool Exchange area.

We looked around some curricula from Learning Plus and my daughter liked IEW’s Poetry Memorization. Since, I want them to be more confident in public speaking and be able to memorize poems and speeches later on, we went ahead to buy it!

We also saw Vanguard Assessment, they give assessments for students to help them know their strengths and also help students with their career assessment through the Curtis Interest Scale. We will definitely contact them next year to help my daughter prepare for her future career choices.

Another interesting booth is Koko & Roko who sells Theme based STEM activity kits. They have Cosmic Adventure for ages 5-7 years old and Jolly Jamboree for ages 3-5 years of age.

A booth by homeschoolers was pretty interesting as well. They have stickers, foldable robots, notebooks and other stuff they created themselves.

True Love Waits have their a booth where they give out tracks about sex and purity and the Good News.

Philippine Homeschoolers Association has their own booth. They are selling iHomeschool book of Ms. Nove Tan.

Pumplepie is there to sell quality books to homeschoolers! It was a delight to see them there.

Science Star Corporation brought several Science manipulatives.

They can measure the temperature and see the results on the app installed on the iPad.

My favorite is the chemistry set. Kyla even guessed the compound they have set up!

Since I am teaching my kids Mandarin right now, I am very keen on buyung this set of Xiao Long Bao Play Kit. A hands-on learning tool I can use to teach not only kids but also others who would like to be taught Mandarin.

The talk began with the hosts and HG President Edric Mendoza warm welcome. It was great to see that there were more than 1000 attendees in the conference hall!

The first plenary talk was by Brad Huddleston on the Impact of the Digital Word on Families and Learning. He shared his findings about dangerous effects that the screen has brought to our lives. He likened it to Digital Cocaine.

He reminded us that our children is NOT the exception, that we need to put intentional limitation. Until the age of 11, the kids shouldn’t be given iPADs as nanny and educational games has the same effects on the child’s brain.

The next session were workshops, I chose to attend How Learners Should Respond to the Digital World by Brad Huddleston. He just continued where he left off from his plenary.

The next workshop I chose was Creative Ideas for Homeschool. It showcased Gina Roldan who shared about Narration, Vicki Dincher on Sceince and Debra Bell on harnessing the gift of curiousity in our kids as best way to learn.

In the afternoon, we had one more workshop and I chose to attend the one with the Homeschool Pioneers as they talked about Parenting and Building Character. It was encouraging to listen to those who have completed the journey of homeschooling and how they reap the benefits of homeschooling beyond the academic years. The talk showcased Dr. Marlyn del Rosario, Rita Yokingco, Irma Chua and Deaonna Tan-Chi.

The afternoon plenary sessions were given by Dr. Michael Tan, the chancellor of UP Diliman and Dr. Debra Bell. Michael Tan talked about the Impact of Homeschooling on Philippine Education.

Dr. Tan mentioned that homeschoolers were ahead in the areas of pedadology or method, creativity and psychosocial.

Dr. Debr Bell talked about Impact of Homeschooling on Families and Learning. The most significant message I heard was that in the conventional school set up, the longer students were there, the less they get interested in learning while the longer students were homeschooled, the higher the academic engagement.

She also shared 8 reasons why kids learn best when they are at home.

At the end of the plenary, HG thanked those who were part of the conference, honored some Family Advisors and announced the Foundation they are putting up to support kids whose parents suddenly gets life threatening sicknesses during the school year.

At the end, there was a concert that showcased HG’s talents and Ben and Ben.

So, what did I really like about the #1stGHC?

– There was something for everyone in the family. The different workshops allowed my family, particularly my daughter, to join me in the plenary and she went to workshops that were for her. She enjoyed most of the talks and I’m glad that she went!

– The Homeschool Exchange had different exhibits than those of previous homeschool conferences.

– The topics were relevant to different kinds of homeschoolers, not only the newbies but also the veterans.

I am definitely looking forward to the future Global Homeschool Conferences!

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