Health Tips For the Family

The team at Blossoms Healthcare involved me in a new project to share health tips for the travellers.

As you travel with your little ones, we can not prevent them from interacting with other people. Contact with others is one way to get infected with strange viral diseases like the reported MERS-Cov or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus or even the usual flu. It is highly important that we know good hygiene practices to prevent getting infected.

Here are some good practices that we all need to learn especially while travelling:

Wash hands frequently. It is no longer enough to just wash hands before meals, hand washing should be a habit. You should wash your hands right after sneezes, coughs or from bathroom trips.



(photo from

Use single use tissues for wiping your nose. Don’t re-use tissues.

Do not share cups, glasses, dishes or cutlery.Virus can spread through saliva.


For us moms, here are some additional reminders as well:

Make sure the room has enough ventilation.

Consider bringing hand sanizters for emergency use.

If any member of your family is sick, please ensure that that person stays home. Cancel or post travels during this period.

Make sure vaccinations of your family members are updated.

If you suspect symptoms outside of the usual, don’t hesistate to go to medical centers, clinics or hospital to ensure proper care and medication is given.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. We should be vigilant for our own protection and well-being.


Our New Bookshelf

photo 3 (4)

We love reading as a family and as individuals. We started reading together when my kids were still small and thankfully, now that they are both older, they both  still love reading. I truly believe that reading together is a key in establishing this good habit.

But as with all readers, books are everywhere in the house! This is the pile of books in the kids’ room. They have so many books that the books don’t fit on their old bookshelf anymore! This was beginning to be a problem and I noticed that they don’t return the books after reading. So we were prompted to ask a carpenter to make a bookshelf for their rooom.

photo 2 (6)


This is the customized bookshelf  that was made. It looked better than we expected. I asked my son to classify the books and arrange them alphabetically. It was indeed a good exercise! My children now keeps their books every time they finish reading and they know exactly where to put it!

photo 1 (7)



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