IEW’s Poetry Memorization’s Review

Whenever I listen to poetry, I notice the beauty in the words used, I also notice that I improve my vocabulary and poetry develops better sentence patterns in my finite mind. I also have read the many benefits of memorizing poetry so this school year, I bought IEW’s Poetry Memorization and practiced poetry memorization with my Grade 9 and Grade 6 kids.

The whole book includes 5 levels of poetry that you can memorize. For this school year, we memorized level 1 every night before we sleep. It is incredible that the kids still remember the poems they memorized from level 1, that is 18 out of the 20 poems. They can recite all poems in one sitting!

We only bought the teacher’s guide and we use as our guide every night. There are also some reference materials included like Bibliography and short biographies of the poets. It is very helpful to me as  I don’t have to prepare a list of poems for them to recite, and the poems are sorted in levels. As we go on to the next level, I look forward to hearing my children recite more witty and wonderful poems from great authors!

The Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Trial

Nothing is pleasant or easy when it comes to divorce. It’s deeply personal and every case has its unique intricacies. Most likely, your goal is to amicably and impersonally divide plans and assets up fairly, but sometimes this is more difficult than it sounds. In many cases, a divorce lawyer Orlando Fl can work with you, your spouse and their attorney to come to a satisfactory conclusion. This process is called mediation.

Goals of Mediation

If you and your partner can come to agreements and resolve your differences, the result will legally be a mutual divorce, which will not require a judge to render a decision and eliminate the need for a trial.

Some of the typically contentious items discussed in a mediation hearing include division of all liabilities and assets among both parties, child support and custody, attorney’s fees and division of retirement savings.


Obviously, to varying degrees, all these items are deeply personal and potentially problematic, especially when matters regarding children are involved. While there are many successful mediation cases, the harsh reality is that a mutual divorce is a difficult result for many couples to reach. A divorce lawyer Orlando Fl can present facts and propose solutions and compromises, but the ultimate decisions rest with the couple. If they cannot get on the same page, the divorce will go to trial.

What Happens at Trial

If a divorce goes to trial, your divorce lawyer Orlando fl will present your case, and your spouse’s lawyer will present theirs. A judge will then review all the facts presented and issue their ruling, which is, of course, legally binding.

In a divorce situation, the hope is always that a couple can come to terms and agree to a mutual divorce. When this isn’t possible, a judge will step in.

Benefits of Having Your Home’s Interior Professionally Painted

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your home’s appearance, adding a new layer of paint is a great way to make your space look brand new. However, doing the job on your own can cause unneeded stress and lead to lost time and money. In this case, turning to a professional can ease the process […]

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5 Reasons to Get Your Carpeting Professionally Cleaned

Looking into professional carpet cleaning services is not something many people think of, even though it can provide dramatic improvements to the look of your home interior and health of your family. Below are five reasons to consider making an appointment to clean all of your carpeted areas right away. Get a Deeper Clean Most […]

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5 Signs That It May be Time for a Divorce

It’s never easy to admit that you’re struggling in your marriage. We’re under so much pressure to be perfect, but that’s impossible. Successful marriages take work, and it takes courage to admit that there’s a problem. Here are a few signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce, as well as some tips on […]

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