3 Things You Should Do Before Your Due Date

Whether you’re just starting out or nearing the end of your pregnancy, you probably have a huge to-do list. While nine months may seem like a long time, it tends to fly by faster than you think. Here are some items you need to be sure to check off your list before your due date arrives.

Choose Prenatal Care

One of the very first things you need to do after finding out you’re expecting is to choose where you will get prenatal care. Many expectant mothers continue to go to the women’s health practice that they’ve been going to, but there are other options. Some couples prefer to find a midwife for a more personal experience. Where you give birth often depends on who will be delivering your child. If you have a specific pregnancy care center Tampa FL in mind, you may want to check which providers deliver at that location first.

Stock Up on Baby Items

The last thing you want is to be running to the store with a newborn, so it’s important to stock up on all the items you’ll need for the first month. In addition to newborn diapers, you should also pick up a box in the next size since you aren’t sure how big your baby will be at birth and how fast he will grow. Be sure to have plenty of wipes, burp cloths and bottles on hand as well.

Treat Yourself

Your world is about to be consumed by that new little life you’re busy creating, so now is the time to do something for yourself while you have the time. Many couples choose to go on a babymoon before the birth. This can be a long vacation or just a quick weekend getaway.

When you start to get overwhelmed, remember that you do have nine months to get it all done. Take the time to enjoy your pregnancy. Your little one will be here before you know it.

Gift Ideas for Your Boss

When you’d like to purchase your supervisor a gift for the holidays, her birthday or as a way to say thank you, choosing an item can be tricky. Although you might not want to get something too personal, you also want to present her with an item that’s thoughtful and memorable. Consider an assortment of options that she’ll not only appreciate, but also use.

Treat Basket

Your boss will definitely relish a selection of treats that she can enjoy at the office or with her family at home. Present her with gourmet gift baskets that include a variety of sweet and savory goodies. Offer something whimsical such as a gathering of candy, cookies and flavored popcorn or opt for a more sophisticated assortment of cheeses, crackers, dried fruits and a bottle of wine.

Great Gadget

If your boss never seems to put down her phone, offer her an item that satisfies her appreciation for technology. Consider inexpensive tech gifts such as a portable charter, a phone sanitizer or touchscreen gloves that she can wear in the winter. If you’d like to spend a little more, present her with a Bluetooth speaker that she can use to listen to music in her office or a signal gadget that will help her locate her lost car keys, for instance.

Business Goods

Appeal to your supervisor’s professional side with a gift that she can use at work. A leather portfolio, a personalized business card holder or a yearly planner are ideal. You can also consider items that she can use while traveling such as a bag for toiletries, an airplane neck pillow and blanket or a lightweight carry-on bag.

Giving a practical gift to your boss will remind her of you – and your diligent work on the job – each time she uses it. The little gesture can go a long way toward reminding her how considerate you are and how appreciative you are for your position in the organization.

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