Using Travel to Teach Life Lessons: Key Reasons to Take Your Kids with You on Trips

Traveling is not only a great way for kids to learn life lessons, it’s also a good way for them to pick up new skills, develop an appreciation for other people and other cultures and to expand their horizons.

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The Importance of Travel for Kids

Here’s a rundown on why traveling the world is beneficial for young people.

  • Overcoming shyness: Travel encourages kids to question, meet new people and try new things whether it’s talking to other children in a new language, trying a new type of food or exploring a historic building, travel will bring shy kids out of their shell.


  • Boosting smartness: Get your kids involved in the planning of your trip, not only will this get them excited about the adventure, they will learn how to discuss and deduce facts as you go along. Let them explore maps and travel guides so they get a feel for your destination.


  • Improving independence: Even though young people’s independence is still limited, travel can teach them to be responsible for things like their luggage and their belongings. Let them pack their things (with your supervision), and choose which things are essential and which things they need for entertainment.


  • Accepting difference: When kids travel and are introduced to different cultural styles and people of different ethnicity, they begin to embrace difference rather than being prejudiced or maintaining cultural stereotypes. This makes them much more well-rounded individuals.


  • Understanding different beliefs: Travel allows children to understand and accept other religions and belief systems from an early age. It means that they are not afraid to ask questions and you can visit temples and churches of many different types wherever you travel.


  • Building relationships: One of the important things about traveling with your family is that it strengthens relationships. It encourages communication within the family group and facilitates discussions of new subjects.


  • Keeping the inner child alive: Kids grow up too fast these days. Traveling is a great ongoing adventure. That keeps the inner child alive. Forget the latest cell phone or video games, build sand castles on the beach, watch tigers on safari, go swimming with whales, and ride on the back of a camel. These are priceless experiences that will never be forgotten.

Take your kids traveling as often and to as many different places as you can. They will love you for it and will pass the travel bug on to their own families.

Anna Duffy writes about travel; from solo backpacking in your 20s, traveling with kids to help broaden their horizons, or seniors going on a first-time cruise.

His Own YouTube Channel

My son loves to watch YouTube videos of Minecraft for some time now. I noticed that he is very interested in it and thought that he would be interested to make his own YouTube channel. It turns out, he actually wants to make his own videos. He just feels shy and clueless about the whole process.  I myself don’t know how it works but because I know that this will be something that will help my son achieve his goals, I researched around the net and informed him of the steps.

After a few days, my son was able to create his own YouTube channel and started recording his Minecraft games and editing them. Eventually, we uploaded the videos and he has now uploaded 5 videos already!

It was priceless – to see him  achieve his goals and be successful at what he wants to do. It was outside of our curriculum but I truly wanted him to achieve his goals so I allowed him to spend time pursuing his interests. I know that this achievement will give him confidence to pursue his dreams and goals in the future.

Just in case you want to check it out, this is his YouTube channel:

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