Adarna House’s History Books

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When I went to the Homeschool Conference a few weeks ago, I was glad to see there were many booths selling books. Adarna House was one of the publishers who graced that event. I immediately asked their friendly staff about books relating to Philippine history and was pleasantly surprised to find several picture books under this category.

Teaching Philippine history can be boring if we only use textbooks prescribed by our homeschool provider, so I was happy to see all these books which could make our Philippine history discussion livelier. Here are some of the books I found and bought:

Guardians of Tradition

What Kids Should Know About Andres and the Katipunan

Batang Historyador series 

I  hope to find more books about the Philippines in the Manila International Book Fair this week. Have you found any other interesting Philippine history books?

Uses For Pizza Delivery Bags

If you work for a pizza delivery service, then you know how important it is for the food to arrive at the destination hot instead of cold and soggy. Pizza bags for delivery make it easy to take several pizzas to one location while keeping them hot for the people to enjoy. Cooktek delivery bags have straps that make them easy to carry, and they also come in various sizes. Larger bags are ideal for orders of several pizzas that might be for a special event or party. The inside of the bag is insulated so that the pizza doesn’t lose the heat from the oven. It will also help prevent any moisture from building on the box and reaching the pizza.

These bags will keep the temperature of the pizza consistent. Another option for pizza bags is using them to transport medical vaccinations. The vaccinations will be kept at a constant temperature so that they are ready to use when they reach the doctor’s office or hospital. The insulation used in the bags will keep items hot and cold, making them a universal item for transporting almost any kind of food or medications. The bags will give customers the feeling that the pizza was recently taken out of the oven even if the driver got lost on the way to the house. Medications will remain safe for those who need them as the temperature of the medicine won’t fluctuate.

My Student Logbook PDF Version Review

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A month ago, we were blessed to be given an opportunity to review a daily student planner from My Student Logbook. Being part of the international community, we received the PDF version of the dated book for use with one of my child. My Student Logbook is best for 2nd grade students and up.  My Student Logbook is […]

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Homeschool Fatigue

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If you have been homeschooling for a couple of years like me, chances are you have encountered homeschool fatigue already. A week ago, I attended the Homeschool Conference and Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao discussed Conquering Homeschool Fatigue and it was something I really related to. Just like a doctor, she gave a diagnosis of homeschool fatigue […]

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Bring Some Style to Your Home with New Floor Lamps


Whether you love reading, playing games with your family or just watching television, you need the right amount of lighting. Poor lighting or inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain and leave you suffering from frequent headaches. When it comes time to add some new lamps to your home, consider looking for contemporary lamps. Not only will […]

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Give a Doggie a Gift!

There are numerous occasions when a Dog Gift Basket would be an enjoyable and appreciated way to show that you care. Is it the birthday of a family member’s precious pet? Is the dog not feeling well? Do you want to say “thank you” for hospitality after a visit to a home where the dog […]

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