It’s Not All About Cordless: Basic Tips to Keep Your Little One Safe around Windows

9a3c001c4d211259f96bbfcdcbaa62b5Following some truly terrible tragedies relating to window blind cords and little ones, it came as no surprise to see plenty of window treatments manufacturers eradicating cords full stop. Via new technology, manufacturers have been able to devise solutions that don’t take advantage of cords but instead use other systems to manipulate the blind that don’t pose any strangulation risks whatsoever.

However, dare we say it; it’s not all about cords. Admittedly, if you can purchase a cordless blind for your little one’s room, you will have gone a long way in safeguarding the area around your windows. For whatever reason, some people might not be able to take advantage of such a treatment though. Whether it’s due to cost implications, or the fact that your landlord won’t permit you to make any changes to the window area, there are several reasons why you might be stuck with a corded window blind.

Let’s get something straight first; blinds with cords are not illegal. They may have been at the center of the terrible stories we touched upon, but it is possible to make them safe if you plan your room accordingly.

For example, let’s take a look at one of the most basic components that arrives with one of these blinds. Cord cleats may just look like a piece of molded plastic, but they happen to be one of the most important blind parts for any mom or dad in the country. This is the part that can allow the cord to be wrapped around, and hung to the wall, completely out of the way of the outstretched arms of your little one. In other words, don’t ignore this component – install it on the very first day and if you no longer have the piece that arrived with the blind, either contact the manufacturer or construct your own. The aim is to tie the cords up high and out of the way, where no harm can be done.

Next, it’s onto a suggestion that doesn’t even relate to the installation of the blind. Even if you do tie your cords up high, if there is any furniture around the window there’s every chance your little one can embark on explorer mode and attempt to unravel them. Therefore, it hopefully already goes without saying that you need to dissuade them from doing this by simply removing any furniture around the window. Forget bookcases, sofas or anything else – these are hazards in this area of the bedroom and just cannot be used as climbing frames.

The tips don’t stop there though. For example, all cordless blinds will arrive with a cord-stop. This does exactly as the name suggests and stops the cord from dangling too much. In simple terms, it’s a knot – but the aim is to keep it in a position where excessive dangling isn’t going to occur. It’s another example of keeping the blinds out of harm’s way as much as possible and if you can follow tips such as these, it is most certainly possible to live with a cordless blind in your nursery.

MV Logos Hope in Subic Bay 2015

It has been raining for the past days and it seems that summer season has ended. We haven’t been able to go to the beach or anywhere for the summer vacation. But we are quite excited to head to Subic and Baguio by next month! We haven’t been to Subic for the past 5 years and the kids have never been to Baguio yet. Here’s hoping that our trip pushes through.

We intend to go to MV Logos Hope as it docks at Subic Bay Freeport Zone from June 9-July 5.  The MV Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair together with International crew from over 60 countries!

11263124_863282757053443_4405498448019984087_n 11012426_863282733720112_4391174112363645797_n

If you are planning a road trip soon, don’t forget to drop by MV Logos Hope!

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