3 Tips for Choosing Movers

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming when you try to do it all alone. Hiring movers can take some of the burden off and create a more pleasant experience, but only if you work with the right company. Check out these tips to help you choose the right movers to meet your needs.

Ask for a Thorough Estimate

Before hiring a moving company, ask the movers to provide a thorough estimate. Instead of providing a single “bulk estimate,” a reputable company will walk through your home, asking questions as he or she goes along. This helps the company create an inventory of your place and determine a more exact estimate based on the belongings you have. By determining the labor and time required to exact your move, you are sure to have a better estimate.

Look for Companies That Don’t Change Names

Some moving companies change their names or use many different company names at once. This is often so they can avoid detection and negative reviews by the Better Business Bureau. For the best results, look for an established moving company that operates under one name, has a local address, and is willing to provide licensing and insurance information. Avoid companies that don’t answer the phone with the full name of the business as well.

Avoid Blanks on the Contracts

Some movers jack up fees by giving you a contract with blank spots that they fill in later. Never allow yourself to sign something until everything is in writing. In addition to the written estimate, it should include any special fees, such as truck rental, the date of your pick-up, and when your items will be delivered to your new home. Be sure to check the inventory list thoroughly as well in case anything is missing.

Above all else, when choosing Ann Arbor movers, stick to your gut feeling. If an estimate or a company’s services seem too good to be true, they probably are. Remember, the most affordable option is not always the best option, so consider your choices carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Build a School To Suit Commiunity Needs

Classrooms busting at the seems is often the sign of a school district in need of expansion. Whether it’s a new building down the road or an addition to an existing facility, construction takes time and patience. Before hiring a company to tackle the project, consider three important factors.


Public school building comes from a capital fund and that fund is not busting at the seems. It’s not as easy as selecting a design and moving forward. As a government building, the educational construction company must understand how to work within a government budget and regulations.  This requires the firm to think about simplicity and functionality while also maintaining quality and safety.

Time Management

Schools are built only after a high demand is needed. So, it’s important that the company understand efficiency.  Opening schools mid-year proves problematic as students and teachers cannot simply be taken from one school and dropped into a new building. Contractors are responsible for ensuring that the doors can open a few weeks prior to school. The administration needs time to set up the facility, and teachers need a chance to acclimate to a new environment. If this occurs, students can be welcomed into their new home with open arms and less stress.


The building’s layout needs to suit the community needs as well as the city codes. Society is changing. In the past, no one considered safety an issue. Recent legislation and events have brought increased attention to the safety of school layouts and design. Consider the number of access points and the flow of student traffic. What form of protection is offered to students and staff?

Along with safety, consider how the space is being used. It’s helpful to find multiple uses for areas and rooms. Does the space make students feel comfortable and happy? Does the plan prevent future changes, or is it open to expansion? Flexibility is important since student numbers change throughout the years.

With eager eyes, the students will watch the creation of the new school. It’s a home away from home.

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