On Those Kind of Days

There are days that I just wonder if I am doing the right thing. Choosing to homeschool the kids rather than sending them to school or getting a job which gives our family additional income. There are days when I think we should take steps of change.

On those kind of days, I choose to pray and seek counsel from the Word of God. God speaks so clearly and most of the time, He encourages and leads me in the way I should go. I just need to pause and be sensitive.

On those kind of days, I also ask those who have gone before me in the road of homeschooling and ask for their advice. Support and knowing that others have been through the same crossroads help me face the choices I need to make.

On those kind of days, I choose not to be selfish but to think of Jesus, and afterwards, I realize that the choices I need to make are those that He would choose since I have surrendered my life to Him.

On those kind of days, I need to be still and trust in Him. Don’t let fear overcome trust and faith in Jesus.

Manila Workshops for Kids

Manila Workshops is holding the following interesting workshops for your kids, ages 5-12 years old!

Pastel Color Painting on October 18 at The Podium Mall. For more details, check out Manila Workshops’ page.


Basic Polymer Clay Art on October 25 at Sulok, Tiendesitas. For more details, check out Manila Workshops’ page.



Basic Sketching on November 8 at the Podium Mall. For details, check out Manila Workshops’ page.



Foam’s Newest Role in Home Improvement

Home improvement can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time. Between the aesthetic improvements you make to a space that help you enjoy it more, to the satisfaction of knowing you’re the one who made things better, most people would rather work on a project they’re capable of handling, rather than […]

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One Rainy Afternoon

photo 3 (1)

A few weeks ago, the country was hit by a typhoon. The schools have cancelled their classes and as homeschoolers, we continued with our lessons. Instead of our usual lessons, we decided to read about typhoons and storms. We took out our reference books and discussed the weather disturbance our country was experiencing. Afterwards, I […]

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5 Easy Ways to Improve and Update Your Home Décor

If you’re tired or fed up with the way your home looks, a bit of redecoration or renovation is required. More often than not this will take lots of time, effort and money to achieve. But instead of buying new furniture, re-carpeting the floors or re-painting the walls, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy […]

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How to Decorate with the Fleur De Lis


When many people think of the fleur de lis, they think of New Orleans. While it is the symbol of the city’s professional football team, it’s also the city symbol of Louisville, Kentucky. Originally found in parts of France, it’s now a popular symbol found all across the United States. Show your French heritage, or […]

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