Top 3 Things To Do Online When the Kids Have Gone to Bed

Being yourself is incredibly important in order to maintain a stable lifestyle as, if you cannot let your hair down every once in a while you’ll start to get upset with how your life is going. This is why the time after your children have gone to bed is so important as it allows you to relax and unwind as well as be creative without anybody else watching or judging you.

YouTube is a website designed for creativity and has millions of different videos made by many different people in order to be viewed by everybody around the world. Not only can you watch these videos, you can also create your own and upload them for other people to watch. If you come up with a great idea many people will start to watch you regularly and you can even make money out of it.

In much the same way blogging is another way to be creative, and with the fact that is done by writing you never have to let anybody know that it is actually you who is doing the writing as you can remain anonymous. There are many bloggers around the world with easy to set up blogs who talk about all sorts of different subjects and genre’s so you are no doubt going to find somebody with a similar idea on the world.

However you do not always have to be creative and so sometimes you just want a little fun, in order to get this fun you can definitely check out an iphone casino as they are filled with thousands of different games free to play instantly any time day or night. Beat slots or card games there is definitely a game waiting for you to play.

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Break Homeschool Monotomy!

As a homeschooling family, I know what it is like when the kids are tired and feel the monotony of what we are doing. Here are 5 ways we break up the monotomy and get over this season in our homeschool:

Take field trips. Musuems, musicals, shows and interesting places related to our homeschool topics are considered. We allot some time and budget for these activities to spark the interest of the children and it helps them see the practical aspect of what they are learning.

Do interviews.My child doesn’t  personally do the interviews but we let her attend dialogues or talks of people who exemplify what we believe in or reference persons on specific topics that we are studying.

Enjoy nature. We take a stroll to the park, bring paper and pecil and sketch what we see. I allow them to take photos of whatever interests them and we talk about the beauty of nature . We see God’s hand at work in everything around us and appreciate the blessings we can easily take for granted.

Experiment! With common household items, we do experiments and form conclusions. Love for learning is cultivated with these hands-on experiences.

Club days. These are days that we do special activities. The children can do a puppet show, read poetry, board games, special days like “Filipino Friday”, scrapbooking days.



Roofing Tips

Now that rainy days are here once again, it is important to ensure that your roof doesn’t have holes and is in good condition. With the recent typhoon directly hitting our area a few months ago, some portions of our roof was damaged and had to be replaced. Particularly, the ashpalth shingles were blown away […]

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35th Manila International Book Fair


The 35th Manila International Book Fair is happening soon! Every year, we try to go to the book fair as we find good deals and educational resources we can use for our homeschool. This year’s fair will be happening on Sept 17 to 21 at SMX Mall of Asia complex. You can get free entrance […]

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UberSmart Math Facts Review


As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I was given the opportunity to review the software UberSmart Math Facts from  UberSmart Software. Long before the device age, memorizing math facts were simple. Dot cards and flash cards were the way to go. But since the mobile gadgets became widely used, the applications became graphic oriented and it […]

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Reduce Sickness This Cold Season

As the warmer months come to an end, and school is back in session, family members will begin to get sick. However, by using a few tips, the home will have less viruses and bacteria in it, which will drastically reduce the amount of family members who get sick in the colder months. Many people don’t […]

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