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Hello everyone! Just in time for the coming Easter, our theme for this week is KIDS IN COSTUME.

These photos were taken last week at our house. The kids and I were just having some fun. We dressed up and took some pictures!

Here is my pink fairy…

and here is my superman!

Now, its your turn!
Share your precious mommy moments with us!


  1. They look nice and smells good too!!! Mga bagong ligo e! Mia will surely like Kyla’s pink fairy outfit while Jose, will feel nostalgic with Toby’s Superman get-up. Nasunugan kasi sila and all his pictures with costumes when he was a baby/child(including his Superman picture) got caught on fire.

    Super thankful talaga ako sa Mommy Moments at nape-preserve kahit paano ang mga pictures ng bata.

    Tulog ka na Mommy Chris. I’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂

  2. matt has a superman outfit too! hehe 🙂 when i have a baby girl bibihisan ko din ng fairy. 🙂

  3. Ang cute naman ng fairy costume ni Kyla. I would also like to see my son wearing a Superman costume, like Toby.

  4. Upstatemomof3 says

    Oh I love the Superman!!! So, adorable. And she is a beautiful pink fairy. We do not have any play costumes so we had to go with a Halloween pic. 🙂

  5. Michelle says

    Dress up time is always so much fun. Your kids are so adorable. I love their outfits. Thanks so much for your great comment on EC today. Take care.

  6. Evan's Mom says

    Oh little Superman hehehe, my boy is lil’ Spidey :). Lovely fairy girl also.

  7. Hi Mommy, nice photos foloved for your beloved kids.
    They are cute

  8. so cute! naku akala ko bakasyon ang mommy moments LOL

    Mommy Blog
    Blogging Tips

  9. cute ni superman!!!

  10. I love this week’s theme Chris. I like seeing kids in costumes. Your little ones are adorable! My girl is not into princess and fairy stuff so she never wore them for Halloween.

  11. So pretty pink fairy…little superman rocks!

  12. Hi Mom Chris I love this week’s theme!!!! and kids really enjoyed dressing up,, have a good holiday

  13. Hi Chris, I was looking forward for this week’s Mommy Moments because I love kids in costume. Your little fairy and superman are uber adorable ; )

  14. cute ng kids mo! I especially liked the black and white fairy pic of kyla.

  15. Anzu's Mum says

    Pretty lil fairy and may superhero ka na pala =)

    Reblog ko na lang entry ko yesterday kasi tamang tama for this week’s theme =) thanks for this mommy moments… something to look forward every friday

  16. SASSY MOM says

    kaka-enjoy talagang bihisan ang kids. They look so cute! I didn’t get to join this week but hope you can still visit my space.

  17. They’re adorable!!

  18. Kyla looks pretty with the fairy “pink” costume. Very girly. I want one too 😀 Of course, nothing beats Superman! The boys love it. But mine prefers Spidey 🙂

  19. Ay Chris add ko rin, don’t vote for me or any other contestants, its not allowed pala. Thanks for the thought though. I very much appreciate it! Sayang nga e, sana we’re all entitled to vote kahit isang beses lang…Lots of luck!

  20. here’s my entry mommy christ thanks again happy Easter

  21. hi mom chris! cute ng superman mo ah! if i have a baby girl i’d sure dress her up in a fairy too. cute kids.

  22. Che-Che Tayag says

    cuuuuute! 😀

  23. mommy jac says

    Hi Chris,nice theme we have here. Your kids is so adorable,Pink fairy and Superman is so cute…

  24. earthlingorgeous says

    Aww I am so late! Superman and fairy princess! Perfect! Anyway, my post is here.

    Oh, favor can you please change the blog URL of here on your blogroll to Coz it looks like it has the URL of my old home. Please! Thanks in advance.

  25. hi wasn’t able to join because I don’t yet have entry for this to visit here..your girl looks so sweet in her angel costume…or is it fairy princess?..he..he..the superman toby looks so adorable!

    Great news from my 8 sisters and 5 brothers!

  26. wow! they look so adorable on their costume! thanks for sharing Mommy Chris!

  27. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    i love the costumes!

    mine is up!

    sorry a bit late here in MI for a Friday!

  28. Children today love dressing up, even the boys. 🙂

  29. He is so cute in his superman costume and your little fairy is pretty with her magic wand. Kids are really cute in costume.Happy Holy week and happy easter to you and your kids and family

    Mine is up mommy

  30. cute! thanks for sharing. I love the idea of kids in costume that is why i will join in this.

  31. They are too too cute! I love the little super Man!

  32. I’d give anything to have a baby girl in a fairy costume right now! Meanwhile I have to make do with boy things lol!

    Happy Mommy Moment, everyone!

  33. hi sorry im late =) here’s mine na po =) huli man makakahabol din eheheh -=)
    cute nmn ng gurl mo ehehe dalagang dalaga na sya dyan ah =) and toby is so cute too baby n baby pa!

  34. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Awwww! They’re so sweet!!!!

  35. yung baby ko din naka-superman costume. hehe. first time ko mag-participate sa Mommy Moments. Eto po yung link.

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