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Good day to all! This week, we will share about our kids haircut… either its a first haircut experience or a recent one, we are excited to hear about it!

I have been blessed that both my kids are not afraid of getting a haircut. I brought them to a kids parlor for both stheir first haircut. One in which they will sit on some sort of toy car and have a video played in front of them while their hair is being cut! It was quite expensive actually. After seeing that they are cooperating with the barber/hairstylist, we just went to the ordinary parlor for succeeding hair cuts!

I dont have any pictures of my eldest having a hair cut but I have some latest pictures of my son getting his hair cut!

Join us this week at Mommy Moments!

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  1. Ang behave naman ng baby mo. Some parents are having a hard time trying to convince their kids to have a haircut.

    Mine’s up, too:

  2. Ay ang cute..magkamukha tuloy si asher ko at si toby mo…mga shaolin kids.

    here’s mine.

  3. Genejosh says

    shaolin kid or a “samanen”’l monk here in cute naman ng first salon nila with TV pa and a “toy” chair…

    Mine is here: Hyzyd’s First Haircut

  4. Wow, ang behave naman. Uso ata Shaolin look sa mga boys, init kasi eh. Mine’s up at

  5. earthlingorgeous says

    OO nga I agree behave sya sa kanyang haircut ah. LOL @ Shaolin look.

    Here is my Haircut entry

    Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

  6. onlinemommy says

    Super behave si kuya 🙂

    And infairness ang dami agad naka up na entries, it seems that many moms waited for this theme.

    Mine is here

  7. how i wish i could shave all of matt’s hair too 🙂 unfortunately his daddy doesn’t want him to be kalbo hehe.

    here’s my entry for this week:

  8. What a cutie! Did he like it shaved?

  9. Clarissa says

    Behave na behave si Toby ah!!Parang shaolin!!\(^0^)/

    Pass muna ako for today’s theme,Mommy Chris.Wala akong pic ng first cut nina Wakaba at Haruka and I will be gone again today.Uwi muna kami sa In- Laws ko.

    Have a nice day and I will be reading the other MM participants entries when I get back.

    Have a great weekend to you and your family!!^_^

  10. Mine is up.

    It’s true that beauty parlors with all the gadgets to entertain a child is pricey. But sometimes it’s ok, and we love giving our kids little luxuries, don’t we all? 🙂

    Happy Mommy Moments.

  11. wow, ang bait nga ng kid mo 🙂 Si jeremy, super nag-iiyak marinig pa lang ang razor 😀

    here’s mine:
    Jeremy’s Haircut

  12. SASSY MOM says

    Hehehe… Ang cute naman niya. Behave na behave.

  13. doc_angel says

    You are truly blessed with well behaved kids…i think he really likes his new haircut!a cute shaolin kid 🙂

  14. Got to Believe says

    my mom would like to have my son’s head shaved, too but i’m still thinking about it. cute naman pala. =)

    here is my entry

  15. It’s nice to see that your Toby is not afraid of the barber. My Justin naman is afraid of hearing the electric clipper or is it razor? But he’s more cooperative now.

  16. buti pa si Toby behave sa salon. 🙂

    here’s mine.

  17. Hi Mom Chris ,,, Its good thing that you’re kids are good…. here is mine

  18. AnnaVille says

    Wow bait naman ng baby mo…Ang anak ko till now parang trumpo ang ulo habang ginugupitan…

    Here’s my share Mommy Moments: Haircut

  19. Evan's Mom says

    I hope he likes the result 🙂
    Mine is up too Chris. A Little Boy’s Blog

  20. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    good boy, he’s not even protesting…:)

    got mine too posted!

  21. Wow, presko! Pang-summer ang hairstyle. 🙂 In some salons, they usually give certificates for the first haircut. I find it cute. 😀

  22. Wow, he’s well behaved! 🙂 Nice shots, thanks for sharing. My entry has no photos though. Find out why 🙁

  23. Happy Thoughts says

    My little boy’s like that too, once he saw his dad getting his haircut done he imitated him and didn’t move.

  24. mommy chris ang cute talaga ni little shaolin toby mo tos ang good boy, behave masyado while ginugupitan ng hair. 🙂

    anyways here’s my entry for today’s MM 🙂

    by the way mommy chris i have a new blog url paki change nlang yong link ko sa blog roll mo. thanks

    happy mommy moments 🙂

  25. Wow!Neat figure si Toby ah!Presko ang dating.Happy Weekend!

  26. cute ni toby!!! 🙂

    mine is up mom chris!! mwah

  27. nakakatuwa naman si toby.. ang behave nya mommy ha! that’s a good boy! sam didn’t have her first haircut yet. so ang post ko for today was last week’s theme kasi absent ako last time. hehehe! 15 months na ang baby at di pa nakakatikim ng gunting ang buhok nya!

  28. chubskulit says

    Cute and handsome Toby! Mine is up Mom Chris..

  29. hi! Mine’s up as well.

    Ang cute ng kid, so well-behaved. My maegan cries a lot pag stranger e.

  30. wow his well behave during his haircut, my son can’t sit still when he was that age. here’s mine post for this week.

  31. my entry is up… I am on vacation again, yet can’t pass mommy moments.. have a great day

  32. weeee im so late now….my pc really sucks! sorry for that here’s mine –

    ang cute nmn ni toby ahahah ang outi ng ulo nya ahahah =)

  33. Ang behave at bait naman ng anak mo chris during the cutting, hehehehe nakakainggit. sana ganyan din kabait anak ko pag ginupitan ang buhok.
    mine is up

  34. mommy jac says

    he is so behaved bihira sa bata ang behave habang ginugupitan.Hi Chris,sorry late ko na na-post,anyways here is my entry for this week.

    Have a great weekend=)

  35. Hi, my first time to join…
    Pareho sila ng anak ko behave pag ginugupitan, hehe…
    here’s my first entry on this meme:
    my son’s first haircut:

    Happy weekend!

  36. a boy's mom says

    ay ang cute ng skinhead…ma-try kya kay miguel! hehehe

    my entry’s up..thanks 🙂

  37. Heeeyaa,Chris! I’m late pero habol ako.I got my son a summer haircut too –like yours. may natira lang konti hihi. hope you can visit my entry. Happy Sunday!

  38. What a fresh look! I posted a not so recent photo, Zach's first haircut.

    Thanks chris!

  39. di ako naka sali dito he he i don't have pic for nicole hair cut

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