Monday Movie Meme – Water

Today’s movie theme is about movies filmed in and around the sea, lakes, rivers and streams.

Who could forget about Titanic ? I remember watching it for a couple of times in the movie theater!

One of my all time favorite movie is A River Runs Through It. I think this is Brad Pitt’s first movie. Well, first one I’ve seen of him that is. My best friend and I just loved this film.

The Perfect Storm is one sad movie but the effects were really good.

Finding Nemo is a great movie.. I love watching it over and over again with my kids!

Check out The Bumbles Blog for more movies.


  1. HI chris, added you in myblog list. First time to join monday movie meme.. I wondered why I can not post a comment. pls help.

  2. Good list except for Titanic. I dont hold that against anyone though 🙂

  3. Dori is one of my favorite character in Finding Nemo nakaka tuwa yung pagiging makakalimutin nya =) love that movie!!!

  4. who could forget titanic? I remembered watching it in the movie theater after 3 weeks of showing and it was still full packed!

  5. Good movies.

  6. The Bumbles says

    Aww – Nemo! How could I forget about that one? I've never looked at our fishtank the same way again!

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