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Hello everyone! Its Friday once again. How fast time really passes by, don’t you think so?
Our theme for this week is NAME GAME. The theme was suggested by Genebei. Please post a recent picture of your kids and share with us the reason or meaning behind the name of your kids. For security reasons, you don’t have to include all names (for kids with multiple names) of your child.

KYLA‘s name was taken by my hubby from the name of the famous local RnB singer Kyla. When I looked at the meaning of the name – The Irish name Kyla means – lovely. I agreed to that name and we added one more name which is Clarisse, it means – clear, bright and famous. We also agreed that it would be cool to have a short name, easy to write and remember. We originally thought of calling her KC as her nickname but we ended up using Kyla.

TOBY comes from Greek meaning God is good. We had the initials TJ in mind. So we just needed to think of the second name. Justin came from the one of the names of the early church fathers, Justin Martyr. Justin means just.
We wanted to have a short name for our son too (just like we did for his sister).
We also didn’t want too common names for them.

Anyway, both their pictures were taken last Sunday.
I also wanted to share this video with you 🙂
They can get real silly at times!

How about you? Share your stories with us this week at Mommy Moments!

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  1. Hi Chris, I joined today! Pero can't add my link e, please add up my link na lang ha? Here it is:

    Anyway, Kyla and Toby's names are beautiful! I like Clarisse too! na-remember ko tuloy si Clarissa of Kizuna 🙂

    Ang gaganda din ng meaning ng names nila! 🙂

  2. Those were cool names and easy to remember. I also like the meaning of their names. 🙂

  3. Sarado pa si Mr. Mcklinky? Pa-add na lang po baka bukas na ako makabalik. Thanks, Chris. 🙂

  4. ang gaganda naman ng names nila, pinagisipang din ng mabuti at tama nga madaling tandaan. I'll post my link here nalang ha.

  5. I like Kyla's name-chic and sexy ang dating tapos Toby, cool pakinggan…Wow salamat at ako pala ang nagsuggest..he..he..Acknowledge yong sponsoring mo Chris..Thanks a lot talaga!

    Mine's here:

  6. Ayoko rin ng mahabang pangalan . Kyla and Toby both have four letters and with y, sadya ba ito? 🙂

    I love this week's theme. Alam mo yun yung mga bagay na dapat i-document, nagagawa ko through MM. Many thanks. Galing talaga.

  7. they both have shrt but col names..

    mine will be up around 6 pa hehe

    Make or Break

  8. Naku, yung sa akin kasama yung 3 names nya, di bale, I've been posting it ever since naman, haha.

    Sean's 3rd name is also influenced by an RnB singer 🙂

  9. onlinemommy says

    Nice names. Pinagisipan talaga.

    Naaliw ako sa video ni Toby and Kyla. Ang kukulet hahaha…

  10. Muthering Heights says

    Those are great, meaningful names!

  11. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    it is good to know about their name's meaning. Mine is up too!

  12. Kyla is so lovely indeed, and Toby looks like a very good kid. You've chosen wonderful names momi cris.

    Happy Mommy Moments!!

  13. Hi Chris! Same pala ng name si toby and jeremy, pareho sila merong justin 🙂 nice name indeed. same with kyla, a cute and meaningful name 🙂

    happy weekend!

  14. chubskulit says

    Am sure magiging famous din yan si kyla.. I love Toby, sounds very manly!

    My Entry is here

  15. Ang Cute nga when you call them by their nicknames KC and TJ….

    Mom Chris our holiday is on the 20th Dec stay muna kami HK then Pinas 24th Dec to Jan 16 ,, but hubby siad that we might cut short ou vacation WAhhhhh!!!! kasi we might start building soon….
    Kelan ba ang EB ng MM??

  16. This week's theme is great. I enjoyed doing my post 🙂 The meaning of Kyla's and Toby's names are nice. I like short names too, especially when the surname is already long.

  17. They both have wonderful names. Both cute too 😀

  18. I like two-part names also. And yes, you're right, Kyla and Toby are not so common here in the Philippines, so both your kids have unique names.

  19. Wow, Kyla's name pala is really from the singer Kyla. 🙂 Ganda pala ng meaning nun.

    And I like the name Toby, pang boy na pang boy.

  20. Your kids name is simple and pretty names. Here is my MM

    Happy weekend :p

  21. finally…i had my first entry posted.

    here;s the link po:

  22. Evan's Mom says

    Interesting theme Chris, and your kids have very good names. I haven't made mine but I will post it soon. Happy weekend.

  23. awwww. i love kyla too! and i love toby's name. lalo n ayung meaning.

    mine's up as well. yun nga lang nalate. uber busy ako talaga. pero di ko mapalagpas to coz i love the topic/theme for the week 🙂

    rarampa na ako 🙂

  24. Lovely names,and it pays to choose the names of our kids well. I remember my father telling me that they can help boost the confidence of children. 🙂

  25. This was fun.

  26. They both have nice names, and I like the meaning of their names too.

  27. JesuLalaine says's a good idea to have short names..actually our kids have long names and only then we realized that they might have difficulty filling out forms when they grow up, coz the boxes might not be enough..heheh!

    Lalaine's World
    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  28. Mine is up. Short names are easy to remember and the kids will not have a hard time writing it, di ba? Naalala ko tuloy yung parent na binigyan ng name na pagkahaba-haba ang baby nila. If I'm not mistaken, kulang ang one whole grade one paper. Na-feature pa sila sa TV Patrol before, I wonder kung naisusulat ba ngayon ng bata ang name niya.
    Anyway, have a nice weekend!

  29. sweet_shelo says

    Hi sis, beautiful names you have for your beautiful children..

  30. Beyond Motherhood says

    The clip was cute and funny. They are indeed a blessing.

  31. I Like the meaning of your kids name very unique kasi & ang sarap imentioned ng name nila specially Kyla & Toby.Thanks for the visit & for dropping some line nga pala.Hindi na ako naka visit pa dito since after I'd read your comment medyo naging busy na rin kasi since shooling has been started here.Anyway really thanks a lot for the visit it really means a lot to me.Happy weekend to your family!:D

  32. Btw,akala ko hindi na matatapos yung "awawawa" nila.Natawa ako habang pinapanood ko itong vlog nila….ang kulittttttt!!!:D

  33. hi mommy chris…kinda late na entry ko

    Happy Mommy Moments!

  34. ahaha ng cute ng video…..ganyan dn minsan kids ko ahahha lakas mag trip minsan kaso minsan nagkakasakita hehehe =)

  35. says

    Nice names they got and they are cute too!

    By the way, mine is already up but late at

  36. nice names 🙂

    mine us up and bat ganun di payag si mclinky "the link has been entered na daw ngayon pa lang ako mag enter. anyways heres mine :

    happy MM 🙂

  37. life's journey says

    Very nice names and it reflect who they are. Mine is up.

  38. I like the names of your children especially the names Kyla and Justin. 🙂

  39. Ganda pala meaning ng Kyla.. at maganda din mga name combinations ng mga kiddos.

    I enjoyed your video clip. ANg sarap maging bata talaga, parang walang problema.

    Happy Weekends Mum Chris… May EB nga ba ang MM? Plan pa naman namin uwi ng dec

  40. Mom of Four says

    Great names for your kids. I never looked at the meaning of my kids' names, just combination of names that we thought would sound nice and with strong personality.

    KC and TJ, wow.. Alexandra Jeanne is supposed to be nicknamed AJ, but we call her Alex most of the time.

    Have a great day! Mom of Four

  41. I like the name kyla, sosy ang dating. your kids have cool name chris, bagay sa kanila.

  42. Your kids names are very cool!

    mine is up now here:

  43. wow good to know the facts behind your kiddos name Mami chris….thanks for sharing…here's mine:

  44. i finally joined mommy moments!

  45. hi naka sali na ko…nag reg ako sa mr linky pero d ko sure if okay na –

  46. I'm a fan of Kyla and Toby sounds really like a rich kid hehe. Thank you Mommy for adding my link. I really, really appreciate it.

    With love and regards from our family.

  47. Wah I love the dancing time :P…

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