$3 for Daniel Project

Niko, a fellow blogger mom, has started a new project, 3$ for Daniel. It is for George Daniel Arevalo Samson, 5 months old son of her high school friend Clarissa. He has biliary atresia with cirrhosis and is in immediate need of liver transplant. The operation has never been done in the Philippines and the doctor’s advice is to go to Taiwan for the cheapest operation of which will cost roughly 3 Million Pesos ($60,000).You can send your donation to the paypal address of leonytimbas@gmail.com, surely your $3 will bring little Daniel to TAIWAN the soonest possible time!


  1. I'm spreading this too,even in my Friendster blog & friendster's friends.God Bless Mommy chris!

  2. thanks so much for posting about daniel chris!! God bless you!!

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