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Friday is here once again! Today’s theme is HAT DAY. I am excited to see all your posts so let’s get started!Here are some of Toby’s HAT DAYS 🙂And here are Kyla’s HAT DAYS!Aren’t they cute??? 🙂Join us at Mommy Moments! Let’s celebrate motherhood and reminisce about our kids together!MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. cute indeed!! 🙂

  2. hi mommy chris…cute talaga sila…mga "krispy creme kids"!

    mine is up now:

    Happy MM!

  3. oh very cute! my kids have "krispy creme" hat photos too but can't find them. nice! mine is up now. 🙂

  4. ♥Rocío♥ says

    Aww… how adorable is that
    I am going to look for some hat pictures and I will come back and join the fun!
    Thanks Friend =)

  5. Bambie dear ★ says

    wow cute photos of Toby and Kyla.. love pala nila si Mr. Krispy Kreme.. cant blame, yummy kasi pero pricey lol..

  6. They are so cute! kanya kanyang porma 🙂

    Thanks for your quick response to be one of the sponsor. Paki email na lang mommy yung willing mo ishare as sponsor 🙂 any of those will do. I go group ko n lng po, paki indicate din which site should be listed as sponsor. Thank you so much in advance.

    Happy Blogversary!

  7. Parang kailan lng nag post tayo ng MM ahh ngayon mommy moments na naman wow, ang bilis ng panahon. Mas lalong gumaganda at gumwapo ang mga anak mo chris habang lumalaki. Ill post mine tonigt.

    Here to see the winner of your contest. wow congrats for the success of your cntest ang daming sumali yata.

  8. very cute! great hats!

  9. Francesca Ivy says

    aw, they're so cute! 🙂 Katuwa mga kids talaga. I can relate na din sa happiness ng mga moms.

    It's my first time to join MM. 🙂

    Sobrang excited that I draft my entry a day earlier. 🙂

  10. ♥Rocío♥ says

    Hey Girl so I did my Post! thanks for the invite I enjoyed searching for my Pink Angel's pics!
    Thanks again and I will see ya next week!

  11. kuya toby is sooo cute, parang r&b singer ang look. ate kyla on the other hand looks so lovely in her graduation gown.

    Mine is up too.

  12. cute pics! meron din krispy kreme hat si kuya kaya lang pinunit na bago mag-picture LOL!

    happy weekend!

  13. Hahaha I love the Krispy creme too..

    Lovely Hats here..

  14. Teena in Toronto says

    My husband loves hats!

    Happy blogoversary!

  15. Krispy creme is so cute!

    mine is up now here:

  16. cute nang mga angels mo today's the day of the contest?

  17. Aww, so cute… mine is here

    Happy weekend :p

  18. I think I love the red hat the most. Lol. Little Toby looks dapper and really confident in that first picture.

  19. wow, assorted hats! buti gusto nila hats or caps no? my kids kasi di gaano e, kaya ung young pa sila na pic un napost ko. 🙂

    Happy weekend, Chris!

  20. weeeeeeh cuteness!!

    mine is up at

    i cant put my name on the linky ;(

  21. I love those krispy creme hats!!I have been looking for that doughnut chains here sa lugar namin kaya lang wala!(T_T)

    They're so cute on their hats!!^_^Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Chris!!

  22. they really love wearing hats. mine is up now.

    happy mommy moments!

  23. aw same sila sa krispy creme dn ahahh! nd eko n amahanap ang mga ibang naka hat sila eh ehhehe =0 cute ng kiddos mo! lalaki na!

  24. They sure look cute in all those hats.

  25. Yes, they are! Toby looks neat, and Kyla – a munting dalaga 🙂

  26. oh cuties! 🙂

    mine's up now.

  27. Ang cucute!! 🙂

    I'm joining sis!

  28. The sweetest and memorable aside from the KK hats is the graduation hat.

  29. cute cute faces.. wala pa ako makita naka hat mga bebe ko eh.. hehe.. di cla mahilig sa hats…Sana may makita ako..

  30. love kyla's graduation pic… love her happy smile

  31. they are so cute :-)exciting pala sumali dito!

    Hat Day

  32. They are so cute! love Toby in red hat. 🙂

  33. I love their Krispy Kreme hats, hehehe. I love it when my kids wear hats, they look so cute. Toby is such as face maker when having his picture taken. Hahaha! Have a great day Chris.

  34. Ayyy,, nalate ako!!! anayway mine is up!! Have a nice weekend Chris

  35. life's journey says

    Oh they are cool and cute…Mine is late again…

  36. hi yeah parehas nga tyu ehehhe nag comment ao sayu sabi ko same tyu ehhehe =) cute noh! =) my kids love KK doughnut eh!

  37. Ang cute ng krispy kreme hat. ang daming hat ni toby ahhh. Ang cute talga ng mga chikiting patrol mo chris atmana sayo nawawala na halos mata ni toby sa hat nya.

  38. It's my first time here, see my first entry for hat day at

  39. so cute nina kyla and toby in their hats! it's good to know that they don't resist wearing hats. mine is quite late… pero at least nakahabol pa rin. hehe!

  40. My kids loves hat too!Ang cute cute ng mga kiddos mo sa suot nilang hats & I like the red one the most.Late ang post ko but then nakahabol pa din:D
    Have a great weekend!

  41. Toby looks soo cute! and i really like the KK hats hihi. Thank you for linking me up, Mommy!

    My entry is here

  42. They're cute 🙂 Too bad my son doesn't wear hat very often except his school hat.

    Sorry I missed this week again Chris, got busy preparing my son's birthday tomorrow so forgot to schedule the post.

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    On the other hand adgitize is good for advertiser. You'll get a lot of traffic. If you're also an active publisher, you can cover the $14 cost from your income.

    Happy trying mommy Chris 🙂
    And have a good weekend…

  43. Seeing those Krispy Kreme hats are making me hungry! All the ones that moved in here closed down. Now I have to wait for when I visit family down south to get such deliciousness. Adorable pictures of your kids as always!

  44. hindi na naman ako nakasali. I have an entry actually. Will try to post together with the next MM. Congrats on the continuing growth of MM!

  45. Sayang it's late..but here's my children's hat day. I might give birth anytime. Better post it still..

  46. Very cute!

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