Monday Movie Meme – School Days

Our theme for this week is school days.These are the movies I remembered:- Dead Poets Society (1989)- Mona Lisa Smile (2003)- Pretty in Pink (1986)- Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)- A Walk To Remember (2002)Check out more movies at The Bumbles Blog.


  1. Emily/Randomability says

    The Breakfast Club was the first to come to my mind.

  2. Mr. Holland's Opus and DPS are two of my most-watched favorites. Excellent choices!

    My post is HERE

  3. Soooo happy to see Pretty In Pink on someone's list!!! Thanks for including one of the better choices :0)

  4. still schooling when A Walk to Remember came out? i loved this! watched at home in a group date with my now hubby =D thanks for bringing back the memories.

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