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Another week has passed, thank you Lord for another week of witnessing your grace upon our lives. Most of us have seen what typhoon Ondoy has done to our country and as we brace ourselves for another super typhoon, let us not forget that God is with us. Let us come to him in prayer.

As for this week’s Mommy Moments, our theme for this week is MUSIC AND ME. Any photos or videos you would like to share of your kids with their musical instruments or performance…

My hubby plays the bass guitar, naturally, we are hoping that our kids would have a love for music as well. Right now, I don’t see any talent yet from my kids but we are exposing them to music…

We bought her Kyla this drum set as a Christmas gift in 2007….

Now, its Toby who uses it more…

Its a good thing that their paternal grandparent’s house has a piano!

Its your turn to share your Mommy Moments!

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  1. Mom of Four says

    Kids are always fascinated with Pianos, hahaha! I guess, because when they press a key, it makes sound. It's not too early to start our kids with musical instruments, they might not know it yet, but they will probably have music talent and they just need to unleash it, by us parents encouraging them to show it. don't u think?

    Great photos Chris..Have a great day.

  2. wow! that's good maaga silang na-introduce sa musical instruments. one of my frustrations yan kasi wala akong alam na iplay na instrument, as in wala. hehehe. i hope joel learns at least one 🙂

    thanks for adding my link to mclinky 🙂

  3. mine is up now mommy chris!

    Happ MM and God Bless!

  4. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    I love the drum set! That was cool!

    I got mine posted too!

  5. cute drum set. my kids are into drawing lang ngayon. but they sing along with music at mukhang may tono naman.

    Happy MM. God Bless. We're ok naman Chris, na-fix na ang butas na bubong hopefully lumihis ang padating na bagyo sa atin.

  6. Hi Chris! It's been awhile since I last joined mommy moments. anyways, posted my entry this time, Chloe's My Girl. Cute ng mga anak mo 🙂

  7. Serendipity is Sweet says

    What precious moments indeed!

    Sorry I have not been around lately. I haven't had as much time for blogging as I'd like!

    Blessings to you and your family. Stay safe!

  8. The drum set is soo cute! I'm sure my boy would love that too!

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    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  9. GIOVANNI "John" FANCUBIT says

    your kids are so cute.. sure they will grow up giving back their talents to the Lord.

  10. music will always be a part of our children's lives. and that's nice that at this early age, they are already introduced to musical instruments. toby is so cute in the video. pag laki nyan ate chris at nakahiligan ang drums, mas maingay na sa bahay nyo. hehe!

    my entry is now up too!

  11. Toby looks like he's pounding the piano. Cute! and Kyla the little drummer superstar. Even cuter 🙂

  12. Cutie musicians in the making!!^_^Let us parents encourage our children into music.My MIL gave us a grand piano for the kids but we cannot have them here at the apartment.Masyadong masikip lol!!

    Glad to hear that all is well with you and the family,Mommy Chris.God bless!!

  13. wow naghahanap ako ng drum set for yobib's nephew.. where did u get that set ni kyla?? nice color pa i like ehhehe

    anyways katuwa nmn at that early musically gifted na toby 🙂 galing nia magdrums hehehe

    mine is up mom chris! 🙂

  14. sweet_shelo says

    HI sis, those are cute drum set.. Nice photos and video.. Cute cute..

  15. onlinemommy says

    Hi Mommy Chris,

    Thanks for the visit. Me and my family are good by God's grace.

    I was here last night checking the theme for the MM. I find them very challenging, I don't know if I can find at least one photo for the whole month of October 😀

    It is good that your kids are exposed to music instrument early, if they learn to play them, it will boost their self-confidence in the future.

  16. Hi mommies, yes let's pray for good weather despite the Pagasa forecast.

    Chris, if you and husband love music, surely it will rub off on your kids. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. chubskulit says

    Wow you have two musician in the making there.

    For the love of Music, I posted some embarrassing ones in mine lol..

  18. Hi,Cris!I can't enter my link.I don't no why.Can you enter it for me pls.My entry is up na.heres my url Thanks talaga.

  19. Hi! I'm Grace says

    Yeah, gifts of music will just come up naturally. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the photos. 🙂

  20. wow ang cute kaya pag si kyla drummer in the cool!!! I love to imagine my future girl drumming..he..he..and Toby looks so enjoy with his drumming..he..he..

    I believe that youngsters who have had this exposure have an advantage in academic abilities, self-esteem, and probably improved attitudes in general.

    Mine's here:

  21. the drums are cute and so are ure kids. Happy mommy moments, mine is here

  22. It's good to expose our kids to music early. Who knows? They might turn out to be the next big thing.

  23. nice drum sets ate kyla..

    but its toby who had fun playing with it..hehe

    mine's up too mommy chris 🙂

  24. Ang galing mag drum ni Toby may tono.Just help them to build up all their innate talent mommy 'm sure you'll enjoy their music together when they grow up.:D
    Mine's up now here…

  25. Bambie dear ★ says

    aliw ako sa vid ni toby.. im sure magiging sikat na drummer yan someday at maraming fans.. sana help him develop more sa pag drums nya.

  26. hahhaha….cute naman ng mga kids mo mami…lalo na tong si toby….galing mag drum…pwedi na sila gumawa ng band ni Akesha…!

  27. What a talent, I guess it runs in the blood gaya ng daddy who is so good in playing guitar. Paturuan ko ang jake ko sa Toby mo mommy chris to play drum and guitar.

  28. wow i love the drum set! i wanted to buy one kaso ala kme space =) ang gagaling ng kids mo very talented! =)

  29. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    hahaha good job toby, naku ikaw na magtogtog nyan sa church nyo when you grow up enough tapos c ate singer.

  30. Kuya Zach had a drumset too when he was 2. but as i expected, it didn't last long, haha!

    glad to share in this week'smommy moments.


  31. I like the drum set. Its really nice na merong kids version ng mga instruments diba. It will keep them interested as they grow older.

  32. A little late with the posting but so happy to have made it… 🙂

  33. a boy's mom says

    wow,miguel will go crazy when he sees this drumset! cool 🙂

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