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Our topic for this week at Couple’s Corner is the day we said I do…

Our wedding date was on February 18, 2001. We had the ceremony at The Peninsula at Makati City. The wedding ceremony started at 4:00 P.M. and it was truly a great day! It was attended by the people who mattered to us and that truly meant so much to us. The whole event was a blessing to0. Our parents helped us with the finances, inspite of opposing to our union in the beginning as I mentioned before. Our flowers were given to us by a churchmate and the invitations were also made by a friend of ours. The souveneirs were made and given to us by a cousin of my hubby. Our honeymoons were given to us by friends and our Ninong and Ninang. We were so blessed!

A few minutes before the wedding!

Family Portrait

Our wedding vows

Our first pictures as a married couple!

Truly the best day of my life!

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  1. nice chris:D worth the fight now you have two wonderful kids.

  2. Wow, ang bongga ng wedding ninyo chris. I really dreamed of wearing white gowns, pero hindi nagkatotoo hehehe. Love your gowns.

  3. Great looking couple. You looked so beautiful in your wedding dress. :)Cheers!

  4. You are so pretty dear chris on that wedding day! its obvious, you had indeed the best time of your life;)

  5. you look very beautiful and your hubby is handsome… you two look like prince and princess… congratulations

  6. you look so pretty on your wedding gown mami chris…. I hope that someday I can wear a wedding gown too!

  7. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    That post was so ♥BEAUTIFUL♥Many blessing to you and family!Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  8. you look so pretty in your wedding gown Chris and you guys were indeed happy!, great day!mine is up: http://thekenyonscorner.blogspot.com

  9. you look so wonderful in your wedding day, mine is up I hope u can visit thanks http://www.terryannemary.com/2009/11/couples-corner-5-day-we-said-i-do.html

  10. sweet_shelo says

    Hi sis, truly your day was a day of blessings.. A lot of blessings were showering in.. God has beautifully arranged everything for you..

  11. lookin’ so great with your wedding dress…wish i still have the chance to wear white gowns…God Bless you and your family…

  12. wow ang daming nagbigay ng gifts. you’re truly blessed.mine is up too.

  13. oh my golly gosh gosh…so love the B&W photo mami Chris…you look so pretty….bongga!thanks for sharing the story!

  14. You’re so gorgeous in your wedding gown.

  15. Mom of Four says

    Hi Mommy Chris, I love your wedding gown, wahhhh! kelan kaya ako magsuot ng ganyan.You were truly blessed with lots of loving people who helped you with finance your wedding. Bihira na ang maraming mga taong magmamalasakit sa yo. I am not saying that you don’t look adorable now, but, wow! you looked amazing on your wedding day. I can see the twinkling of your eyes, sobrang happy kasi despite the fact that your parents didn’t favor your hubby at the beginning, they ended up accepting him. So now, you have 2 adorable kids.. Great wedding day!

  16. Look at those happy faces! You are blessed indeed Chris!

  17. love your wedding pic mommy!!!Anyway, mine is up as well here

  18. You look pretty in your gown…Ang ganda ng story mo…

  19. MommaWannabe says

    Wow you two look great together :)More years to come!

  20. *MrsMartinez* says

    hey there nice post! xoxo

  21. You looked so beautiful on your wedding day,Mommy Chris!! Wishing you more blessings to come!!

    Mommy Chris,Thanks for all the comfort and prayers when I needed them so badly.Thanks for being there for me.I really appreciate it.

  22. nice wedding pix. and u'r one dashing bride..

    u two look great with each other.

  23. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    wow mommy chris gift lahat, and yup po sa divisoria ako bumili cnabi lang din ng friend ko ala din kc ako alam dami dun puro store ng wedding dress talaga lahat ng ikutan mo wedding gown makikita mo, pero buti na rin nkamura he he, dito mahal nga davids bridal sayang, thanks for mommy chris….

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