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Its another great Friday! I just want to let you guys know that all Mommy Moments participants are invited to A MOMMY MOMENTS CHRISTMAS! It will be on December 26 Saturday 2-5pm. Please check out the post for more information. If you are going, please leave me a comment if you haven’t done so yet… Also please let me know how many posts have you made for Mommy Moments so far. Please leave me a comment about that too!

Now on with our post for this week, our theme is SPORTY DAY! You can share any story or photos about your kids and their favorite sport!

Kyla enjoyed her swimming classes last Summer… in fact, just today, she asked me if we can go swimming!
Toby loves to ride his bike! Though he still doesnt know how to move his bike using the pedal… 🙂

How about your kids? Join us at Mommy Moments!


  1. wow swimming din si mj last summer hehehehe at nakikisali ako sa swimming lesson wahh mine would be up tomorrow pa hehehe

  2. wow, swimming, i hope my peachy can do that too.

  3. It's nice that Kyla asks if she could go swimming. It means interest in the sport. I would like Cj to get into swimming too. Should be sensible as I can't swim 🙁

  4. Very athletic and mga anak mi chris. toby will learn how to pedal soon and Kylie she is going to be a good swimmer, napaka eager matuto and excited all the time. Buti diyan always have great weather for swimming.

  5. great job, Kyla, natuto na siya agad sa swimming lessons niya; ang anak ko di natuto noong i enroll namin siya sa school; i guess he was not ready yet and was scared.

    great pix , Chris!

  6. wow, galing naman swimming ni ate kyla 🙂

    Happy MM and mine is up too.

  7. oi…may swimmer ka pala mommy chris!

    tnx 4 posting my link as the # 3 mommy…hehhehe

  8. I love kyla's second shot!

    Check out our Future riders

  9. I guess most kids love swimming.
    I had to took off the push handle and foot rest when teaching Evan to ride a trike. Somehow he didn't want to pedal when he knew somebody was pushing the trike.

  10. Hi chris mine is up na here it is thanks

  11. ♡ N o r e e n says

    This is my first entry 🙂

  12. It's good that Kyla enjoys her swimming class–it will make her build confidence and healthy.Buti pa si Kyla,she knows how to swim,ako hinde waahh!!^_^

  13. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I can feel na nag enjoy si Kyla mag swimming and si Toby ang laki na and galing na mag bike! Have a great weekend Chris.God bless 😀

  14. Nice black and white shot. 🙂 With all the hype swimming is now getting, its really a great sport with lots of benefits.

  15. love na love ng mga kids ang swimming talaga..

  16. Good for kyla. My son needs swimming lessons.

    Trying to besporty.

  17. His Unfailing Love says

    ang cute ng boy nyo Mom Cris, kids really love sports…

  18. woi galing naman ni toby…swimmer pala!

    mine is up too mami Chris!

  19. Swimming is good!I agree w/ Shydub,buti pa dyan they can swim w/in the whole year.
    Sooner or later may helmet na si Toby & ready to drive na his bike.My youngest just joined the motocrossing last summer naman.Magkakasundo si Toby at ang youngest ko pag nagkataon lol
    Mine's up now Mommy!
    Happy weekend!:D

  20. wow future eric buhain! i wanted that sport for my our little girl too.. but my problem is shes afraid of mr sun hahaha

  21. Mom of Four says

    Wahhhh..mga anak ko di marunong lumangoy. Kyla seems like a professional swimmer. Toby will lern how to ride his bike. They are so cute..

  22. Debbie Racho says

    wow!!! sorry i am late…mine is up too..

    i wish someday my daughter will learn how to swim too..

  23. ang cute ni kyla doon sa swimming board nya

  24. Kids really love swimming. Toby looks good riding his bike in that photo.

  25. life's journey says

    wow swimming my son will like that but he just do that for now in the bath tub hehhe. Mine is a bit late hope you can still visit.

  26. his favorite din pala swimming!same as my girl…mine is up! have a nice weekend!

  27. naku, sorry ala ako mommy moments entry for this week… wala pa kasing signs kung ano gustong sports ni sam.. hehe!

    kyla looks so cute in her swimming gear! and looks like toby really enjoys riding his bike. naku, extreme sports ang gusto ni toby when he grows up.

  28. Kyla is going to be a very good swimmer:)

    thank you again for linking me up, Mommy Chris!


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