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We welcome February by posting about LOVE for the whole month.Today’s theme is LOVE LANGUAGE. I have written a post yesterday as to what LOVE LANGUAGE is. As mentioned in that post… There are 5 basic love languages we use and they are:

• Words of Affirmation. People need to hear compliments. Simple “thank you” or “you look wonderful today” is important to this people.
• Quality Time. People equate love with spending time with them like listening to them, walking, talking and the likes.
• Physical Touch. People need to be hugged, touched, or sit close together.
• Receiving Gifts. People need to receive thoughtful, not necessarily expensive, gifts.
• Acts of Service. People receive love through acts of service like fixing the bed, preparing a meal for them or doing a chore for them.

It is important that we know our own love language as well as our partner and even our own kids. So, share with us your own love language and if you know your kids love language, you can share it with us too! This would be fun…

My love language is Quality Time and Acts of Service. I show my love through spending time with you and doing acts of service if there is an opportunity. As for my kids, I noticed that Kyla loves to create crafts and letters and give them to me. She also often asks if her work is okay and nice so I would say that her love language is a toss between Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation.

As for Toby, I believe that his love language is Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation.

As our kids grow up, we need to learn more about them individually so that we can communicate our love better to them. If we haven’t done this yet, let us take time to get to know them a bit more deeply by studying their love language. Happy Mommy Moments!


  1. I enjoyed this week's topic, Chris! It had me really thinking and discovering my son's love language as well as our own love language to him.

  2. I thought of this week's topic to sleep. I'm having slight issues with pressures of single mommyhood, but it hits where it ought to hit. Thanks for bringing it up, Chris.

  3. your little ones are so very sweet marce chris. and oh, thanks for thinking up this topic. the guide you gave will help me discover which language sam responds to most readily and in turn, help me understand her better.

  4. I love this week's topic, mommy Chris. Kyla is a born artist and Toby is a sweet boy. God blessed you with wonderful kids.

  5. chubskulit says

    I love the way you describe your love for each other and the kids.

    MY Mommy Moments

  6. onlinemommy says

    Tis really nice to discover our kids love languages.

  7. Today's topic is the best way to start the LOVE month. Thanks Mommy Chris!

  8. His Unfailing Love says

    I enjoy joining again, thanks for this meme.

  9. Your kids are so sweet. Kyla so talented, she expresses her love for you through her drawings. And Toby gives you hugs and kisses. They are sweet when they're young, easier to handle. You're blessed to have great kids.

  10. i think love languages for lil children like my son is mostly on physical touch and words of affirmation/appreciation tsaka yong quality time. Hyzyd loves it when we just snuggle together on weekends.

    I love the way you teach crafts to your kids Marce. i could use them a year from now:)

  11. I love your entry Chris, full of love and very detailed. It shows how much you love your kids. Our kids talaga are our world and life. Happy Valentines

  12. I Love the theme mommy Chris.Your so blessed to have a sweet and loving kids!!!Happy weekend..

  13. T’is true that when deeds speak, words are nothing.Sorry sa late entry ko marce.Happy weekend!:D

  14. Such a great topic. I have four sons, and each is so different. Learning their languages has been a challenge, but so rewarding.Come see me at Outnumbered Mom for some mom inspiration and encouragement.Happy weekend!

  15. Bambie dear ★ says

    thanks for this topic. Made me realize na im doing good. Thanks mommy chris =)

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