Monday Movie Meme – Bugs

Its been awhile since I last joined Monday Movie Meme of The Bumbles Blog! Our theme for this week is BUGS. Here are some movies I remember with BUGS!
A Bug’s Life
The Fly
Monsters vs Aliens (does this count?)


  1. Three I have not seen, though I did want to see A Bug’s Life. WordTrix

  2. I’ve seen the two animated shows–I don’t think I’d like a movie about a giant fly Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. An Eerie Tapestry says

    Good list. Hope Monsters vs Aliens counts, because I had it on my list too (mainly because of the cockroach character).

  4. Nice choices. Welcome back!

  5. The Bumbles says

    Well, I haven’t seen or heard of Monsters vs. Aliens – but if there is a cockroach involved – it certainly counts!!!

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