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The last quarter of the year has arrived! This month is special to The Mommy Journey because I am celebrating my 3rd blogversary! I am so grateful to all the Mommy Moments participants over the past 3 years so this is my simple way of giving back to my readers! I hope you can join my blogversary giveaway.

Our themes for September are all tips which moms can share with one another. This week we are focusing on finances. Feel free to share any financial tips and even tips on how you teach the value of money to your kids!

My kids are 7 and 4 years old, so here are some ways I teach them about money:

1. Both kids have their own coin bank. This teaches them how to save. They start the year by putting in any money or coins they have received and we open the coin bank by year end to see how much they have saved.

2. At the grocery, I allow my 7 year old to see how much each product costs and compare prices of different brands.

3. We play games like Monopoly or something simple like playing pretend that we are in a market. I give them money with specific amount and they have to buy the items within their budget. This is a big hit!

4. If they want to buy something (like arts and crafts materials or toys), they have to save up for it. This teaches them delayed gratification and how to save up for something.

5. We teach them to store up treasures in heaven as well. Not only to save up  for their own earthly treasures but a part of their savings goes to others. This teaches them to share and to know that money that they earn isn’t meant to be for their own consumption only.

I can’t wait to read your tips. See you at this week’s Mommy Moments!


  1. You’re raising your kids well!
    Take care..

  2. Great tips! I wish I could do this with my son too when he’s a bit older. =)

  3. I like the last part, chris. ” store up treasures in heaven”, something i haven’t heard for a long time. great tips!

  4. teaching them to save is a good value not to spend too much..

  5. Great tips, Mommy Chris! I love the Hello Kitty coin bank! BTW, dalawa yung link na nai-post ko, Nag-error kasi the first time I submitted it, so inulit ko. You can erase either of them nalang. Pasensya na po.

    And oh, happy blogoversary po! 🙂

  6. I’ve missed this meme so much! Tutorials have been quite hectic due to periodical tests but I am glad to be able to join this meme again. So, on to blog hopping and learning new tips from you moms!

  7. It’s great to be back to this meme again. I like the monopoly idea and the final tip on sharing. Will go around other Mommies’ tips in a bit.

  8. Thanks for the tips, Mommy Chris!!!

  9. I always buy things in hoardes. Like pencils, I buy in boxes since he will be using a lot of pencils for a long time. I do the same with paper and the like. It’s always cheaper.

  10. It’s great to teach our kids the value of saving not only for themselves, but for sharing with others, too. Happy MM! Here’s my entry:

  11. I miss Mommy moments dearly…I love tip no. 5…”Not only to save up for their own earthly treasures but a part of their savings goes to others.”

    I will use this from now on.

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