Life Lessons this 2012

2012 has breezed through. Tomorrow,  it will be the year end and time to begin a new one. Before 2012 ends, I want to share with you some lessons I learned this year.

> I love taking photos but I am no photographer.

> I love writing on my blog but I am not a writer.

> I love sports but only as an spectator.

> If I don’t intentionally plan to do something, it will never “just” accidentally happen.

> I love homeschooling the kids, I get to be homeschooled too. Aside from learning their lessons with them, my character gets shaped along with them too.

> Even if it hurts, I need to continually be willing to love others because it is the only fitting response to Christ for the love He has given us.

> The value of my work and my life can not be measured by comparing them with another’s.

> Decluttering is therapeutic for me.

> I must enjoy and do my best wherever God has put me.

> There will be hard days and easy days. It is during these days that I truly learn where I stand in my faith and who my true self is. I must work on my weaknesses and use my strength for the glory of God.

> I can never do everything so I should re-arrange my priorities and make sure I accomplish what is most important to me.

> Whatever happens in life, I can see God’s faithfulness in my life.


How about you? What life lessons did 2012 teach you?

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  1. 2012 taught me to really think about what’s important, what matters and will matter 🙂 Happy New Year and may we all face 2013 with more faith, courage, hope, and love!

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