Controling Your Crazy Busy Life: Tech Helpers for Modern Moms

With over 80% of working parents experiencing stress-related health problems, being a mom in today’s modern society is perhaps more stressful than it’s ever been. Having to juggle work with life at home can take its toll on both your physical and emotional wellbeing, with a quarter of modern moms admitting to cry at least once a week due to stress.


If you’re a mom and feeling the pressure, you don’t have to go through this without any help. Today’s technology advancements recognize the pressure today’s working moms are under, and have provided a vast selection of apps specifically focused on reducing stress and making life that little bit easier for parents. If you think you could use the help of an app or two, keep reading to discover some top tech helpers you can start using right away!


Happy Kids Timer


On weekdays, mornings are often the most stressful time of all. As well as having to get yourself ready for work, you’re also responsible for getting your kids up, ready and out the door on the way to school.


But, with Happy Kids Timer by your side, chaotic mornings will be transformed. Specifically designed for children, Happy Kids Timer will walk your kids through everything from making their bed to getting dressed so you don’t have to. Featuring fun music and animations to keep them engaged and entertained, Happy Kids Timer will engrain a sense of routine in your kids giving you more time for yourself in the mornings.


Alarm Clock for Me


Happy Kids Timer is without doubt a great app, but it will be completely useless if you and your kids can’t even face getting out of bed. Getting a good night’s sleep will make getting up early a whole lot easier, and that’s where Alarm Clock for Me comes in.


In addition to providing an alarm clock and up-to-date weather information for your location, Alarm Clock for Me offers an innovative sleep timer that will lull you to sleep with either white noise or relaxing tunes. Simply download the app, set the timer, and allow yourself to become relaxed with its sounds. A great way to get your kids to sleep too if they struggle to drift off, learn more about what else Alarm Clock for Me has to offer.




Bringing kids up can be very expensive, with sales often becoming a mom’s new best friend. ShopSavvy allows you to compare the price of items you need all in one place, giving you the benefits of sales without the stress of busy shopping malls.


Simply search for what you need, and ShopSavvy will instantly find the best prices for the item in all available shops, giving you the exact location of the cheapest price! Saving you both time and money, ShopSavvy is a must-have for the modern-day mom.


Being a working parent can be tough, but you don’t have to do everything alone without help. From getting ready in the morning to saving money on grocery shopping, these apps will provide much-needed solutions to avoiding stress and feeling happier.


Janet Kennedy is a busy Mom, as most are! She uses tech to keep life on track and mostly in control!


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