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Mommy Moments – Daddy Moments

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It is still the month of June and we are featuring the dads of our kids this month! Our theme for today is Daddy Moments!

My kids love it when their dad spends time with them and here are some of their recent time together! 😀

Share your daddy moments with us this week!

Mommy Moments – Love You Dad

mommy moments

Today we will feature your kid’s letters, artworks or their expression of love for their dads!
I am featuring my son and his dad today on today’s Mommy Moments. They say that when you talk about LOVE regarding your children, it means spending quantity and quality time with them. For my son, he really looks forward whenever daddy comes home and spends time with him. Just by playing with him or reading a book with him.

I love it when I see my son enjoying his time with his dad! I can definitely see how much he loves his dad! 🙂

Can’t wait to see your posts! Join us at Mommy Moments!

Mommy Moments – I am a Daddy!

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Since June is the month where we celebrate Father’s Day, dads will be the main characters of our themes for this month. Today, we will share about how the dads found out that they will be dads and what was their reaction. You can also opt to post dad’s photo with the newborns 🙂
Well I was a few days delayed in 2003 and we bought the pregnancy test kit from the drugstore. When the results came out, I left the kit at the CR and called my hubby to take a look at the result and he was all smiles when he saw that the positive result. He was very supportive all through out my pregnancy! 🙂
Here is his first photo with our eldest.
He enjoyed playing with our newborn baby. Though he doesn’t like changing the diapers! LOL
For our second baby, I was also a few days delayed when I suspected that I might be pregnant so we bought pregnancy kit and the result was indeed positive. Daddy was happy and he said, right on, he knew that our 2nd baby was a boy! And he was right! 🙂

Share your daddy stories with us this week at mommy moments! 🙂

Mommy Moments – Dear Mom

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Dear Mom is our theme today. You can opt to share a letter made by your kids for you, a letter you made for your mom or a letter you made for any other mom. My post for today is quite different since I will not be posting about my kids or their work. I want to share my thoughts about motherhood.
Dear Mom,

God chose and entrusted that precious life to your care. He knows that being a mother is not an easy task and that it is a huge responsibility but He also knows that He will equip you to be the best mother for that precious baby who will turn into a man/woman soon. Do not doubt yourself, but take the task that God has entrusted to you wholeheartedly.

Make the most of every opportunity to love and nurture your kids. While they are young, mold and influence them so that when they are on their own, they will have deep roots of character. Appreciate what you have now, rather than waiting for them to grow up, for when they grow up, you would have missed too much already.

Motherhood can sometimes be scary. Most of the time, we can get tired physically. But above all, motherhood is a blessing and a miracle which God chose to gave you. Be encouraged today mommy! You are an inspiration!
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Mommy Moments – Mothers Day 2011

mommy moments

These are the art works done by my kids for me on mother’s day this year!

photo source: (Gina Pega)
Watching them perform a special number in church made me happy too!
How was your mother’s day this year? Join us!